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MUJUICE – DOWNSHIFTING (Electronica/IDM – Russia)

Considered one of the cornerstones of today’s Russian electronica, Roma Litvinov (aka Mujuice) combines the robotic glitches of modern electronic music with dense layers of natural sounds. He dissects sounds and creates a complex matrix of melodies and ambiences that owe a debt to jazz, techno and Shostakovich in equal measure.

His first productions, akin to early IDM and Berlin-style minimalist electronica, started getting considerable exposure when he was only 20 and he released his debut LP, Superqueer, just before his 21st birthday.  But Roma always felt uncomfortable with the IDM label as he didn’t think of himself as a strictly electronic producer. This is what he proved with his sophomore album Cool Cool Death (2007), which incorporates elements of acoustic jazz and rock, and what he keeps demonstrating with his most recent effort, Downshifting.

Mujuice - На Луне     

Released on March 25 on Soyuz Music, Downshifting is punchier and generally more uptempo than any previous Mujuice record. It still has Roma’s characteristically melancholy vocals but it also often bursts with energy. “На Луне” is a perfect example of this shift towards a livelier and bouncier sound.

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MUJUICE – COOL COOL DEATH (Electronica/IDM – Russia)

Mujuice is a Moscow-based artist who is at the forefront of electronica in Russia. In his music, he skillfully combines the robotic glitches of modern electronic music with dense layers of natural sounds. Working without a formal musical education, he started experimenting with electronica when  still a teenager and released his first LP, Superqueer, in 2004. His early works were sparsely arranged electronic compositions akin to European minimalist electronica (think Berlin avant-garde).

Mujuice - Backward Running     

Even though his music relies on sampling methods, Mujuice refuses to be labelled as a strictly electronic producer, believing that contemporary artists should use all available resources. Blurring the lines between genres, he borrows elements from acoustic jazz and pseudo-symphonic music but he also uses clicks’n’cuts, microsampling and glitch tech. His 2007 full-length Cool Cool Death bursts with energy, blending  layers of melody with vocals and pounding drum samples.

Mujuice - Mertviy Malchik     

Mujuice recently joined forces with fellow countryman Xuman (see our post about him HERE), contributing one new track to Xuman Records new Tales compilation. Tales is now available on Tales - Various Artists

You can sample more tracks by Mujuice and watch his videos on MySpace.

LALI PUNA – REMEMBER (Electronica – Germany)

Lali Puna

After more than five years of silence,  German pioneers of electronica Lali Puna are finally back with a brand new album! Despite this long absence (Lali Puna’s last LP Faking The Books was released in 2004), the band’s impact on the climate of electronic rock music remains palpable and their followers all over the world are eagerly awaiting their new album.

Lali Puna - Remember     

“Remember” is the first single taken off their forthcoming album Our Inventions, to be released in April 2010 on Morr Music.

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Moderat is an electronic music project that started in the early 2000s in Berlin as a collaboration between Sascha Ring (aka Apparat), Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary (aka Modeselektor). Their first full-length album took a long time to complete, due to some creative disagreements and different opinions on how they should work, but it was finally released last April via BPitch Control – 7 years after their debut EP!

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LALI PUNA – ALIENATION (Electronica/Indie – Germany)

Lali Puna

Experimental electronica outfit Lali Puna team up with Portland-based beat maker Alias and the result of this collaboration is an entrancing remix of “Alienation”, taken off Lali Puna’s fantastic new album Faking The Books (Morr Music, 2004).

Lali Puna - Alienation (Alias Remix)     

A fine remix by all standards, “Alienation” sublimates the original and perfectly encapsulates the essence of Lali Puna’s music: sobriety and minimalism mixed with intense emotions. The song slowly builds up, one beat at a time, and gently leads you to its breathtaking climax (2’20”).

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