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FELDBERG – DON’T BE A STRANGER (Pop/Electro/Folk – Iceland)

Icelandic duo Feldberg was formed in January 2009 Feldberg by  Eberg, a well known musician in Iceland and Europe, and Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld. Eberg had been working on some syncs and was looking for a female vocalist. Rósa, who had been working with Icelandic pop band Sometime, came highly recommended by a friend and the pair started working together straight away.

One of their tracks was soon featured in an ad for the Nova Telecom Company and demand for a release was such that they were quickly contacted by Cod Music, who offered to release the track. More recently, their track “Dreamin” was picked up by classy French label Kitsuné and included on their April 2010 compilation.

Feldberg - Dreamin'     

Feldberg - Dreamin' (Jesus + Judas Remix)     

Musically Don’t Be A Stranger combines elements of electronica, acoustic pop and folk with nice percussions and catchy chorus. Quite dreamy and subtle, the songs are arranged with a typical Scandinavian pop sensitivity, turning most of them into potential radio hits. Coming from Eberg, we may have expected a bit more experimentation and less radio-friendliness but the overall result is still a well-rounded album with some pretty strong melodies.

Find Feldberg on MySpace. You can purchase the Dreamin’ EP, complete with eleven (11!!) remixes on Dreamin'

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EBERG – ANTIDOTE (Indie/Electronica/Pop – Iceland)

Eberg is a young Icelandic musician who made his debut in 2003. With his electronica-meets-indie rock sound, Eberg quickly made a name for himself.

His first album, Plastic Lion, was originally a limited edition Iceland-only release, with 50 CDs packaged in handmade wooden cases. The profits raised from the sale of these 50 first exclusive copies allowed the band to make more CDs, with a more conventional packaging this time. Plastic Lion was then distributed by Bad Taste in Iceland by Rotator in the UK the next year.

Eberg’s second album, Voff Voff, followed in the footsteps of his debut, still mixing electronic arrangements, traditional instruments and samples. The album got rave reviews among critics and bloggers and some of the singles  (most notably “Inside Your Head”) became hits in the UK, getting airplay on UK hit-maker radio BBC Radio 1.

Eberg - Inside Your Head     

On his third album, Antidote, Eberg manages to create a perfect balance of moods and styles. On this largely varied album, he flirts with indie rock, brings in hints of trip-hop and embraces dreampop. Poignant and quirky, his songs are at times nostalgic, at times hopeful, but always earnest.  There are more fuzzed-up guitars this time around but there is still a fair amount of experimentation with textures and sounds. Sharp and concise, and always recognizably Eberg, Antidote is what critics were expecting from Eberg and he has delivered.

Eberg - Antidote     

If you want to find out more about Eberg or sample some of his new songs, visit his page on MySpace and check out his newly released video for “The Right Thing To Do”. Please show your support and buy his music on Eberg

EBERG – VOFF VOFF (Electronica/Indie/Pop – Iceland)

New sounds coming from Iceland! Eberg’s music is fresh, it’s original, it’s gorgeous! Just listen to “Inside your head” or “Plastic Lion” and you will be charmed by this very talented young Icelandic artist.

His first album, Plastic Lion, was originally only released in Iceland, in a handmade wooden case, and the profits raised from the sale of these 50 first exclusive copies allowed the band to make more CDs, with a more conventional packaging this time. After getting rave reviews for his first work, Eberg released a  new CD earlier this year and it’s now available for download on Eberg

Eberg - Inside Your Head     

If you wanna hear some of Eberg’s songs or learn more about this artist, visit his MySpace or his label InstantKarma.

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