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MISEL QUITNO – SLEEP OVER PIECES VOL.1 (Electronica/Experimental – Switzerland)

Misel Quitno

Misel Quitno is another moniker in Swiss electronica virtuoso Dimitri Grimm’s name arsenal. Mainly known for his elaborate  electro-infused hip hop productions as Dimlite, Dimitri Grimm shows a different side of his musical personality with this new project. Stripped and minimal, Misel Quitno aims for the heart.

Misel Quitno’s album, Sleep Over Pieces Vol.1, has been described by the artist as ‘drafts… the score to an imaginary film, shot on Super 8, or a sample library, done for the pure fun of it’. It’s a mixed bag of tricks, kept together by a dry and minimalistic aesthetic.

Misel Quitno - Im Halbhohen Gras     

The wafting synths, the knuckles knocking on wood, the layered guitars and Tubas indeed would have been the perfect backdrop to a 1960’s avant-garde  psycho-tragicomedy. But beyond its cinematic aspect, Misel Quitno’s retro lo-fi electronica is also really complex and introspective. This is really like nothing else out there.

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TESLA BOY – MODERN THRILLS (Electro/Synth – Russia)

Russian trio Tesla Boy are a 80s-esque new wave / synthpop band formed in 2008 in Moscow.  Often compared to Cut/Copy and other electro bands, they are the first Russian act to get real media  attention since t.A.T.u. But the comparison stops there. Anton Sevidov (vocals, keys), Dima Midborn (bass, vocals) and Boris Lifshits (drums) are three dedicated musicians with a mind of their own and a knack for good pop and powerful hooks.

Tesla Boy - Thinking Of You     

Having worked together for quite a few years now, the threesome finally released there long-awaited debut LP, Modern Thrills, last May on Mullet Records. The first single to be taken off their album  is “Thinking Of You”. It distills everything great about the eighties and packs it all into four minutes of synthpop perfection. The track has been remixed by MAM, Casio Social Club, Baxter and more. Here is a great cosmic house remix by Toomy Disco.

Tesla Boy - Thinking Of You (Toomy Disco Edit)     

Find Tesla Boy on MySpace and buy their music on Tesla Boy

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JUNIP – FIELDS (Folk/Alternative/Psychedelic – Sweden)

The story of Swedish trio Junip is the story of two childhood friends, José Gonzalez and Elias Araya, who had already known each other and played music together for years when they met Tobias Winterkorn and asked him to join the band, some time around 1999.

Then followed  their first 7-inch “Straight Lines” in 2000 and the self-released Black Refuge EP in 2006. Fast forward to 2010: Junip’s first full-length album finally sees the light of day and is released internationally on September 14, ten years after their debut single!

There are many reasons for this unusually lengthy genesis: Araya decided to studied art in Finland and Norway from 2001 to 2005, Winterkorn worked part time as a teacher, while spending his spare time building a studio for his own recordings, and Gonzalez launched a successful solo career, which culminated in the international release of his debut album, Veneer, in 2005.

Junip - Rope and Summit     

Junip still periodically met up, schedules permitting, to record new tracks and exchange ideas. They would improvise together, looking for a nice  groove or melody, recording what they played and then selecting what they could keep and what had to go. While frustrating at times, this protracted creative process also allowed the artists to mature and get to know each other musically.

Junip - Without you     

With their perfectionism and persistence, Junip have crafted songs that are powerful and dynamic  and yet subtle and intimate, 11 tracks built around Winterkorn’s analog keyboards, Araya’s hypnotic beats and Gonzalez’s unmistakable voice. These songs combine influences ranging from folk-jazz to psychedelic soul, krautrock and afro-beat. This is an album to savour and immerse yourself into from the first minute to the last.

Find out more about Junip on their official site or MySpace and buy their music on Junip

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SATELLITE STORIES – HELSINKI ART SCENE (Alternative/Indie/Rock – Finland)

Satellite Stories

Satellite Storiesis a young Finnish four-piece from the arctic city of Oulu. Born in the cold of Northern Finland, this band makes warm and catchy party songs. Their energetic indie pop sound is nervous and fresh, built around angular riffs and unforgettable chorus.

Satellite Stories - Helsinki Art Scene     

The band has a self-confessed passion for party songs and that’s what we will find on their forthcoming debut EP. With clear influences from electronic dance music, their songs are reminiscent of bands such as Tokyo Police Club or Two Door Cinema Club. Don’t look for synths here though, it’s all live guitars, bass and drums!

Satellite Stories - Kids Aren't Safe In The Metro     

Satellite Stories describe their songs as “jangly, anglular, energetic and always danceable indie rock”. This is feel-good music that you can listen to at home when you want a good adrenaline rush, but it’s even better served live at a gig in a packed club…

To catch Satellite Stories, check out their tour dates on MySpace… Look out for their soon-to-be-released debut EP…

RATATAT – LP4 (Electro/Indie/Rock – US)

Mike Stroud and Evan Mast (aka Ratatat) first met as students at Skidmore College and they started workind together in 2001, when they recorded several songs under the name “Cherry”. Their 2004 debut, Ratatat, was written and recorded in Mast’s Brooklyn apartment on Stroud’s computer. This first effort is a collection of ten entirely instrumental tracks, with the exception of vocal excerpts at the beginning and end of selected tracks.

In August 2006, Ratatat released a second album Classics, followed by LP3 in 2008. Between releases, Ratatat found time to tour with artists such as Björk, Daft Punk, Mouse on Mars, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, CSS, The Faint, Super Furry Animals, Clinic, Panther and The Killers.

Bjork - Wanderlust (Ratatat Remix)     

Ratatat’s fourth album LP4 was released on June 8, 2010 via XL Recordings. The duo’s sound is more diverse, while still unmistakably “Ratatat”. Judge for yourselves…

Ratatat - Drugs     

Ratatat on MySpace. Ratatat on Ratatat