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Fenech Soler

UK-based electro outfit Fenech Soler are known to many dancefloor lovers for their punchy synthpop tunes and they are back again with a gorgeous new single: “Demons”. In the same vein as their previous singles, “Demons” is a ball of energy, packed with killer melodies and hooks, massive synths and an irresistibly dancey beat.

But wait, it gets better! The track has been remixed by none other than French electro rising star Yuksek, who has produced two different versions. And there are eight (8!) more remixes from the likes of Sigma, Wideboys, Drums of Death, Jokers Of The Scene, Plump DJs and Alan Wilkis…

“Demons” is taken off Fenech Soler’s self titled debut album, released in September 2010 on B-Unique (home to Kaiser Chief, Bedouin Soundclash and Har Mar Superstar amongst others). On their explosive debut LP, Ross Duffy, Ben Duffy, Daniel Soler and Andrew Lindsay show their skills as songwriters and beatmakers. They know how to intertwine lush synth melodies and explosions of rhythms to create glistening pop songs.

As a bonus, listen to “Lies” remixed by fellow Englishman Grum

Fenech Soler - Lies (Grum Remix)     

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The first sound of Slagsmålsklubben (SMK) was made by mistake in November 2000 when the leadsinger of The Solbrillers didn’t show up for rehearsals and a faulty installation produced some sound that inspired the musicians present at the rehearsal… Before sunset three songs were made in which everything (drums, bass and melody) came from that faulty toy keyboard/amp set up. One of those tracks, “Hit Me Hard”, was later released as the first single from SMKs debut album Den Svenske Disco (2003).

SMK gradually added members until reaching their current lineup. Björn, Frej, Hannes, Beebop, Joni and Kim each bring their own influences and musical backgrounds to the project and their music is all the richer for it.

Slagsmålsklubben - Sponsored By Destiny     

Last night at springten, SMK swept festivalgoers off their feet with a dazzling performance at Orpheum theatre. The swedes proved that they really are one of the best live electronic acts around. With their synths and beatboxes they managed to breathe life into the electronic beeps and bops that make up their songs. Hypnotic melodies and thumping basslines inundated the theatre and the crowd couldn’t have been happier. Wow!

Check out Slagsmålsklubben on MySpace or go to their official site for more detailed information. To buy all their music, head over to Slagsmålsklubben