Brighton-based artist Ambassadeurs (aka Mark Dobson) is a real craftsman of sound who builds his instrumentals and sample-based tracks with passion. His music is an eclectic mix of genres which draws influences from hip-hop, dub, glitch, jazz and electronica and continues to push the boundaries when it comes to production.

The 24-year-old beatmaker has been quietly amassing a serious following with his early releases bringing him to the attention of UK indie label Jalapeño Records amongst others. Ambassadeurs’ first release for Jalapeño is the brand new Come a Little Closer EP, out since October 10.

Not one to let himself be pigeonholed, Dobson has come up with a genre-defying 5-track EP that mixes lazer-tinged synths, intricate beats and a myriad cut-up samples. For all the fans out there, he has been giving away the song “Rössler”. Stream it below and download it from SoundCloud.

Ambassadeurs - Rössler     

Purchase Ambassadeurs’ debut EP on a name-your-own-price basis on Bandcamp. Give Amnassadeurs some love on Facebook.