ZIMMER – COMING OF AGE (Electro/Disco – France)


Parisian DJ/producer Zimmer is gearing up for the release of his brand new EP next week (July 10) via Roche Musique. The four-track EP, titled Coming of Age, will include smooth and summer-ready single “Escape”, featuring gorgeous vocals from Norwegian singer Emilie Adams and bouncing tropical beats.

Zimmer just dropped new single “Heartbreak Reputation” a couple of days ago. He describes the track as something “deeper than my usual sound, with lots of space. It’s definitely more nostalgic, but it eventually becomes a bit more euphoric later on. I love that « it’s going to be alright after all » feeling”. Couldn’t agree more!

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WHAT SO NOT – GEMINI (Electro – Australia)

What So Not

Sydney based duo-gone-solo-act What So Not emerged in 2011 as a collaboration between Emoh Instead and Flume, who announced a few months ago that he was quitting the long-term side-project due to creative differences. Their forthcoming Gemini EP will therefore be the last release for What So Not as a duo but the project will live on and Emoh is already touring across Australia and New Zealand promoting title track “Gemini”.

This new tune finds the pair delivering a more atmospheric track, featuring the sensual vocals of fellow Sydneysider George Maple. It’s certainly more restrained than previous bangers like “Jaguar” and RL Grime team-up “Tell Me”.

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MONOGRAM – ANNO (Alternative/Indie – UK)


Born in the remote Scottish Borders, Monogram is the brainchild of guitarist and producer Liam Rutherford. Imaginatively DIY and strikingly sincere, his music generously draws on big reverbed drums, classical piano, howling guitars, triumphant choir… all wrapped into one big drama. Following sparkling debut song “Romance”, here’s the new single “Anno” in all its big-drum-jangly-guitar’d glory.

This new tune is an epic post pop anthem Monogram crafted in an isolated little cabin in the Scottish countryside. Featuring lush guitar arrangements, almost tribal drums and powerful vocals, “Anno” is a swirling multi-layered song that that looks set to become the triumphant soundtrack to your long summer drives.

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TAME IMPALA – EVENTUALLY (Indie/Rock – Australia)

Tame Impala

Tame Impala recently unleashed “Eventually”, the fourth (and last) single from their forthcoming new record, Currents. The song follows the epic “Let It Happen”, the confession-like “Cause I’m a Man” and the finger-snapping “Disciples”, all of which have been building the hype ahead of the album, which drops on July 17. Musically, this last taster is a well-crafted synth ballad mixing past, present and future sounds, all filtered through a thoroughly modern psychedelic haze.

As for the album, it will see band leader Kevin Parker again operating as a one man studio band and taking influence from contemporary hip hop production, fried 70s funk, edgy electronica, future pop and emotional 80s balladry. A genre-bending soundscape fueled by curiosity and an exhilarating new territory for Tame Impala.

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Hotly tipped Norwegian singer/songwriter Aurora (born Aurora Aksnes) is an autodidact who started composing around the age of 10, and has in recent years matured into a strong, confident artist with solid compositional skills. After building a solid following at home and performing on national TV, she recently shared her debut EP, Running With The Wolves, released on iconic Decca Records in Europe and renowned label Glassnote in the US.

The 19-year-old Norwegian singer has been impressing tastemakers around the world at different showcase festivals, such as by:larm in Norway, Eurosonic in Holland, and CMJ in New York. Despite her young age, Aurora’s voice is clear and assured and her performances display a remarkable vocal technique and great stage presence that have already earned her numerous accolades.

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