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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Gabriel Ríos relocated to Belgium with his family at an early age. Very active in the local music scene, Ríos was in various bands before starting his solo career. His first record, Ghostboy (2005), was produced by Jo Bogaert (of Technotronic) and featured a mix of Latin, hip hop, rock and electronica. The main single, “Broad Daylight,” was a sizeable hit in Belgium, as well as in the Netherlands and France.

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saturday nite with… THE JUAN MACLEAN

John MacLean, better known by the stage name The Juan MacLean, is an American electronic musician. His relationship with music is a long and winding road… He started out as guitarist in the band Six Finger Satelite but, after several unfortunate events, decided to get out of the spotlight and move to production work. He then started a collaboration with James Murphy but the band broke off and Murphy moved to New York, where he founded the label DFA Records with Tim Goldsworthy and started the band LCD Soundsystem.

MacLean spent several years out of the music business, only occasionally releasing material under the pressing influence of his former band mate James Murphy, who included several Maclean compositions on DFA compilation records.

Finally in 2005, the first Juan MacLean full length was released, bearing the title Less Than Human, and a tour followed in the fall of 2006. It took two more years for new material to be released. “Happy House”, which would be included in the album The Future Will Come, came out in March 2008 and was supported by a tour with Australian band Cut Copy.

The Juan MacLean is on MySpace and you can also download their freshly released Remix EP on iTunes.

FEVER RAY – SEVEN (THE TWELVES REMIX) (Electronica/Indie – Sweden)

Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer Anderson’s new solo project. Her unusual compositions and characteristic eerie vocals have inspired some of the best remixers and producers to create amazing reworks of the songs featured on her first solo album.

Most of these remixes you can find and purchase on iTunes and one of them you can listen to just below! It comes courtesy of hyped up Brazilian duo The Twelves.

Fever Ray - Seven (The Twelves Remix)     

Now  Karin Dreijer Anderson’s name might not immediately ring a bell but chances are you’ve heard her voice before… In 1999, Karin and her brother Olof formed the electronica band The Knife. Between 2001 and 2006 they released four albums and won 6 awards. Interestingly enough, they always stayed away from the media and only recently agreed to play live but they performed behind a screen, in the dark, with masks on.

This obsession with anonymity didn’t stop Andersson from sharing her talents with other artists and appearing on many of their records. In 2005, she supplied vocals for the track “What Else Is There?” by Röyksopp, maybe one of her most famous contributions and surely one that established her reputation on the electro/club scene.

Her solo album, under the moniker Fever Ray, is a tribute to the most audacious and conceptual music of the 80s. There are lots of the synthesised faux-ethnic sounds : chimes, oriental motifs, talking-drum percussion… Disturbing as it may be, this debut is also quite fascinating. And the remixes.. Ah, the remixes…

More info and more music on MySpace

PILOTPRIEST – ZIPPER (House/Club – Canada)

Here comes Pilotpriest‘s new single “Zipper”! Swift on the heels of his debut single, “My Adidas”, Pilotpriest are back with another potential chart-buster, released on Calamity Jane Recordings. You can download the EP on iTunes or Beatport.

“Zipper” follows in traditional Pilotpriest fashion, focusing on impeccable programming, lush synths straight from the 80s and a very dancefloor-friendly vocal hook… The single will come with remixes by StoneBridge amongst others, but also with the 1994 Remix by Pilotpriest himself and the Nasty Alley Mix which goes heavy on dark tones and a minimal tech-inspired sound.

Pilotpriest - Zipper (1994 Radio Edit)     

Before releasing his first single Pilotpriest was already building up his reputation in the music community with a bunch of remixes he did for other artists. West to Lioness, Kanye West, TruePseudo, M.I.A… You name it! Born in Edmonton (Canada) but eventually ending up in Toronto,  Anthony Scott Burns (aka Pilotpriest) is an incredible self-taught musician (guitar) and producer who built his mastery through years of toiling with synthesizers and recording devices.

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