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Darwin Deez is the moniker of Darwin Smith, a young artist who writes, records, produces and arranges using a 4-string electric guitar in his own invented secret tuning. Five years ago, he left Wesleyan University (and friends MGMT and Boy Crisis) to play in a band in New York City: the Creaky Boards. During that time, he kept writing and recording his own songs on an old PC with a $200 mic and that gradually gave birth to his solo project: Darwin Deez.

Signed to the Lucky Number label, Darwin Deez released their first LP in April 2010 after receiving a lot of well deserved public attention in the UK in late 2009 after the release of their debut single, “Constellations”, and its follow up, “Radar Detector”, which managed to reach #62 in the UK Singles Chart and #5 in the UK Indie Chart. The third single from the album, “Up In The Clouds” was released on 12 July 2010. Here are two remixes by Jake Bullit and Mr Flash…

Darwin Deez - Up In The Clouds (Jake Bullit Remix)     

Darwin Deez - Up In The Clouds (Mr Flash Remix)     

With best friend and confidant Michelle Dorrance on bass, Greg on guitar and Cole on guitar, Darwin is embarking on his first full US tour in november, with bishop allen and throw me the statue. Their current live set features his original songs, harsh electronic noise, and bouts of synchronized dancing.

Check out Darwin’s official site and listen to more tracks on MySpace. Buy the music on Lucky number’s official site or on Darwin


Born in Chicago but currently based in L.A. indie band OK Go started out in 1998 with the sole purpose of making classy indie rock and bringing raw energy and plenty of infectious hooks to stages around the world. Damian Kulash (guitar and vocals), Tim Nordwind (bass), Andy Ross (guitar and keyboards) and Dan Konopka (drums) released their critically and commercially successful self-titled debut album in 2002 and their sophomore record, Oh No, in 2005, yielding hits such as “Get Over It”, “A Million Ways”, “Here It Goes Again” and “This Too Shall Pass”.

The latter was taken off OK Go’s third album, Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, which was originally released in January 2010 on Capitol Records and then re-released on the band’s independent label Paracadute Records in April, after the band’s split with EMI and Capitol. Listen to Passion Pit’s excellent remix of “This Too Shall Pass”, complete with funky synths and handclaps. Dance!!

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass (PassionPit Remix)     

Look out for the “Extra Nice Edition” of OK Go’s Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, due out next week worlwide and November 2nd in the US. This new edition includes a second disc with original demo recordings, some live and alternative versions of tracks, two cover songs and exclusive access to an unreleased collection of new OK Go remixes called Twelve Remixes of Four Songs (available instantly when you order via the band’s official pre-sale).

And another remix for the road…

OK Go - White Knuckles (Robotaki Remix)     

Follow Ok Go on MySpace or head over to their official site. You can buy all their music on Ok

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FILEWILE – BLUESKYWELL (Alt/Electro/Reggae – Switzerland)

Dubbed-out producer duo Andreas Ryser (Dustbowl) and Daniel Jakob (Dejot) started out as Filewile in 2003 at the gates of the Sonar festival: armed with two laptops, a mobile sound system and a speedily increasing array of tunes, they played out on the streets for the enjoyment of curious passers by.

From 2003 Filewile started releasing a free track online every month and in 2007 they finally put out their first full length, Nassau Massage, on Mouthwatering Records. They spent the next three years touring and releasing a handful of singles. It’s precisely all this touring and regular contact with their audience that has transformed Filewile’s sound. They have managed to integrate the raw power of their live performances into their new productions, giving their electronica-infused dubby reggae a whole new dimension. They now thoroughly cherish the imperfections of analogue instrumentation and they have put the human voice at the center of their music.

Filewile’s new album, Blueskywell, is a great mix of genres and influences, enhanced by the talents of many guest artists (Joy Frempong on vocals, Mago Flueck on bass, US rapper RQM, Pedro Da Silva Pinto…). The album sometimes flirts with mainstream radio appeal by weaving catchy harmonies and moving beats into something resembling pop music, only to break into dance music, rock fragments or experimental jazz antics in time to stop the listener from drifting off into a cloud of comfort.

Filewile - Number One Kid     

Blueskywell is a cohesive collection of hybrid electronica that will keep you hooked for hours and hours until you perceive all the subtleties and delicate mood shifts of its fifteen finely crafted songs. The album will be available on November 8 on Underdog Records / Mouthwatering Records but you can already pre-order it on Filewile

Find out more on the band’s official site or MySpace and catch them live in Germany, France and Switzerland!

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Already touted as ones to watch by the likes of NME, Sunday Times and Artrocker, Them:Youth have managed in a just a few months to build a solid following and whip the music scene into a frenzy with their distinct sound and triumphant live performances. The West London four piece is now gearing up for the release of a new single “Toothache”, which will be available on November 1st on their own label Big Hand Recordings. It is available to download NOW in exchange for email from their official website.

Them : Youth - Toothache     

This track builds into a rousing crescendo of euphoric dance rock, perfectly combining the energy of garage rock and the starkness of contemporary dance music. It’s a taste of their forthcoming debut album, which has been announced for the end of 2010. The album will also feature previous single, “Fever Rising”, and possibly older tracks such as the anthemic “Halo”, here remixed by Skibunny.

Them : Youth - Halo (Skibunny Mix)     

Them:Youth navigate between stadium-ready hits, altrock numbers and darker electro tracks with unique charm. Quite experimental in their approach to dance music, they seem destined to achieve great things in the next year.. Watch out for Them:Youth!

Check them out on MySpace.

CLOCK OPERA – ONCE AND FOR ALL (Electronica/Synth – UK)

London-based synthpop band Clock Opera began as a moniker for Guy Connelly, frontman and founder, who was later joined by Dan Armstrong (synths and vocals), Andy West (bass and guitar) and Che Albrighton (drums). Clock Opera are certainly now a full band, a point Connelly seems to have struggled to convey. Guy Connelly  and his mates cut and dice random sounds and instrumental segments to create their own personal blend of frenetic, bleep-ridden synth-rock.

Clock Opera - A Piece of String (Julien Plaisir de France Remix)     

The band’s debut single, “White Noise”, surfaced just about a year ago and was followed six months later by “A Piece Of String”. This great piece of quirky electronica is a good example of how Clock Opera deconstructs sounds and reassembles micro samples, later adding synths and guitars that crash around Connelly’s warm vocals. It’s experimental and yet accessible, refined and yet utterly honest, it’s 100% Clock Opera.

On the heels of their much talked about summer tour, the band will release their highly anticipated new single “Once and For All” on Kitsuné on 1st November (listen HERE). It will surely further cement their growing reputation as one of the most innovative and exciting new bands to emerge in 2010. The single will be backed by two very special remixes from Little Loud and Clive Tanaka.

For the record, Clock Opera have also received major accolades for their remixes of artists such as Marina & The Diamonds, The Golden Filter, Everything Everything, Au Revoir Simone and The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Judge for yourself…

Everything Everything - MY KZ YR BF (Clock Opera Remix)     

Show Clock Opera some love on MySpace and buy their music on Clock