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RJD2 – THE COLOSSUS (Hip Hop/Electronica – US)

This month, RJD2 returns with The Colossus, his highly anticipated 4th solo album. This new studio album marks the artist’s 10th year in the music business and showcases the myriad of styles RJD2 has spanned as a maverick, respected producer.

His 2007 album, The Third Hand, was a striking departure from his usual blend of instrumental hip hop and featured RJD2 singing and playing instruments on nearly every track. In The Colossus, he has worked with MC’s, vocalists and various instrumentalists to create a record that displays an urgency and sophistication rarely seen. Weaving together his rock solid drums, soulful vibes and horns, samples and everything else available, the album is a kaleidoscopic look both forward and back.

RJD2 - Games You Can Win (featuring Kenna)     

The Colossus is out today on the artist’s own label RJ’s Electrical Connections! Buy it here or download it on iTunes. As usual, check out MySpace for more info.


Hervé Salters is the artist behind one-man-band General Elektriks. A French keyboardist with a self-confessed passion for vintage keyboards, Hervé Salters initiated General Electrics just before moving to San Francisco. Using a computer and his oldschool keys, he started sowing together loops, Funky keyboards, light melodies and digital noises.

General Elektriks - Tu m'intrigues     

His debut, Cliquety Kliqk, was a collection of 12 retro futuristic pieces where electronica meets hip-hop and funk. The album was first released in France by Bleu Electric, then picked up by Compost for Europe and by Quannum for the US.

Aesthetically, GE is a project that refuses to be classified. A mix of vintage sounds, hip hop beats, dreamy vocals and cinematic arrangements, Cliquety Kliqk embraces all of RV’s musical addictions. Radically new yet strangely familiar, General Electrics is a breath of fresh air in your music collection.