COROOK – CGI (Indie/Pop – US)

Corinne Savage, known professionally as Corook, is an American singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Active since 2021, their debut EP, achoo!, was released on April 1 2022, via Atlantic Records and singles “It’s OK!” (2022) and “If I Were a Fish” (2023) went viral on TikTok.

Self-produced and co-written with Ben Abraham (also known for his work with Demi Lovato, Sara Bareilles, Ben Platt), Corook’s groovy new song “CGI” is the epitome of an upbeat pop hit.

Corook explains: “I wanted it to be funky and jumpy and dancey and sweet. The song is about how hot I think my girlfriend is even after (almost) 5 years of dating. I’m just an underdog that somehow got the girl of their dreams and I will be writing dorky songs about it til the day I die.”

Bonus track: “CGI” remixed by by British producer extraordinaire Louis La Roche. Stream below!

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