DASTE – THINKIN’ OF (Funk/Lo-fi – Australia)

Australian three-piece daste have just released their debut single “Thinkin’ Of” via cool indie label Mammal Sounds Records. Blending elements of chill-wave and lo-fi funk on a solid electronic foundation, daste take us on a journey full of smooth beats, atmospheric synths and subtle production details.

“Our process in the studio was to create as much space as possible. Each musical element is carefully thought out with a purpose – to accentuate the track’s emotion. In every section we would listen back and try introducing and subtracting sounds to keep it interesting throughout. As a result, when you hear this track you’ll notice new layers, textures and intricacies every listen.” -Callum MacDonald

Members Callum MacDonald, Braxton Tahi and Tyler Harden met in 2017 while working together as session musicians on the Gold Coast. They connected instantly and decided try writing some tunes together. The trio’s combined musical skills gave them freedom to write, produce and record everything themselves, and as they began to draw on their individual inspirations, they found they had even more in common.

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