ЕЛЕНА ТЕМНИКОВА – TEMNIKOVA 5 PARIS (DeepHouse/Electro – Russia)

Russian singer/songwriter Elena Temnikova’s early music career began when she started studying the violin at five years old. In 2003, she was a contestant in the Star Factory talent show and then became one of three members of the Russian girl group Serebro, which placed third in the Eurovision Song contest in 2007.

In 2014, Elena launched her solo career in 2014, releasing three EPs between 2016 and 2917, and was awarded the Top 10 Most Listened Track on Yandex Music in 2018, followed by Apple Music selecting her for Song of the Year in 2019. A hitmaker and one of the most sought-after artists in her country, she is the author of such hits as “Жара”, “Не Модные”, “Импульсы”, “Подсыпал”, “Что-то не так”, “Под Луной”, and many more).

Temnikova’s repertoire ranges from vigorous dance numbers, to soulful ballads, introspective deep house and urban R&B, with an overarching style best described as gloomy yet captivating. In her newest compositions, retro beats and layered synths build a beautiful background for her elegant vocals and the album’s ten track play like a decadent after party for nostalgic club-goers.

Check out Elena Temnikova’s official site or Facebook for more info and stream more tracks on SoundCloud.

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