EMILIE NICOLAS – EASY (Pop/Electro – Norway)

Emilie Nicolas is a Norwegian singer-songwriter based in Oslo, who is best known for her jazz-inspired vocals and electronic sound. Her debut album Like I’m a warrior (2014) made a massive impact on the Norwegian music scene and was followed in 2018 by the equally successful Tranquille Emile and Let Her Breathe (in 2020).

In the past few months, Emilie Nicolas has released a string of singles starting with “Easy” and “Limits” in late 2022 and “Everyday” last month. With pulsating beats and dark tones, “Easy” switches effortlessly between organic and digital, between soft and hard, nice and ugly. About the song, Emilie says:

“I really wanted to make a song that is not about a romantic relationship, but things that can be difficult in family relationships. I imagined a small child talking to an adult in a very open and honest conversation, but it is up to the listener to imagine who is talking together.”

To find out more go to Emilie Nicolas’s official site or Facebook. Listen to her music on SoundCloud.

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