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Husband and wife duo Amarante, aka Jysi and Josh Hewitt, have been creating, recording and producing their music themselves in Fresno, CA, since 2011. Their new album Udana Prana opens the door to new musical directions, adding touches of folk and hints of acoustic pop to their subdued ambient sound.

Amarante - The Manic     

Backed by echoing guitars and understated drums, Josh and Jysi’s perfectly harmonised vocals create a warm and intimate ambiance, effortlessly drawing the listener deep into their lyrical world. Whether listening to the whole album or playing selected songs on repeat, the duo’s twinkling melodies, occasional flourishes of vocal splendor and utter sincerity are sure to delight even the most discerning

For more info, go to Amarante’s Facebook. Stream Udana Prana on SoundCloud or get your own copy on their Bandcamp.

THE FALLS – HOLLYWOOD (Folk/Indie – Australia)

Sydney-based folk duo The Falls are Simon and Melinda. They met a few years ago at Hotel Hollywood in Surry Hills, they fell in love, they wrote songs, they fought, they made up, they broke up, they wrote songs. Almost subconsciously, they documented their whole relationship in their songs: the love, the betrayal, the heartbreak…

The Falls - Home     

On their little tascam 4-track portastudio, they captured the fragility of their hearts, creating warm heartfelt songs that would later lead to the Hollywood EP. Recorded in late 2011 and produced by Tony Buchen (Old Man River, Andy Bull, WIM, Washington), The Falls’ debut EP is a well-rounded collection of tunes, equally influenced by Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel and Fleetwood Mac.

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Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson and his band (bassist Mishka Stein, guitarist Simon Angell and drummer Robbie Kuster) wrapped up a triumphant European tour just a couple of days ago and they are now headed back to North America for another round of gigs promoting the album Adventures in Your Own Backyard. To mark their Autumn tour, they are offering a free download of the decidedly warming, autumnal “Words in the Fire”, which showcases Watson at his singer-songwriter best, cackling with intimacy.

Patrick Watson - Words In The Fire     

Adventures in Your Own Backyard, released last May on Domino Records, followed two critically-acclaimed records, including the Polaris award-winning Close To Paradise. In Patrick’s own words, the album’s title is a nod to the fact that it was recorded almost entirely in Watson’s apartment in Montreal, unlike his previous efforts which were sprawling recordings in both geography and arrangements (think Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley and Andrew Bird).

The next single from Adventures will be “Blackwind” and you can stream it right here…

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ANNI B SWEET – AT HOME (Folk/Indie – Spain)

Anni B Sweet

Malaga-born singer-songwriter Anni B Sweet is one of the most promising Spanish newcomers of the last few years. After releasing her debut album Start, Restart, Undo in 2009 on indie label Subterfuge Records and conquering the hearts of thousands of fans in Spain (her debut went gold in just a few months), Anni is ready to share her very personal blend of indie folk with the rest of Europe.

Her new single “At Home” was released last month in Spain to rave reviews and Anni B Sweet is now unveiling her sophomore album, Oh, Monsters, out worldwide on April 24th. Somewhat reminiscent of Keren Ann‘s lyrical musings or Beach House‘s retro aesthetics, Anni wraps her raw emotions in a layer of earnest folk music, with just a few hints of dream-pop here and there to sweeten the mix.

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Nigel Wright

Singer-songwriter Nigel Wright lives near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Goergia, where he writes and records his music mostly at home. From an early age he lived surrounded by artists, writers, and musicians and always knew he had to create something, but it had to be something unique. When he finally, almost reluctantly, picked up his father’s guitar, it was with determination to avoid obvious progressions, standard tunings, and plain chords.

Deeply rooted in folk tradition, Wright’s debut album Millfoil was recorded with an eight track recorder and a couple of microphones in his home studio in 2010 and it shows the sixteen-year-old’s grasp of fresh, solid musical structures. Along with his dense overlays of vocals and acoustic guitar progressions, his lyrics, delivered in a resonant baritone, glow with unassuming sincerity.

Berlin-based label Butterfly Collectors discovered the young artist by chance and decided to release a remastered version of Millfoil on vinyl. Release date: March 30th.

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