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1973 – BYE BYE CELLPHONE (Folk/Indie – France)


French indie folk trio 1973 consists of three school friends: Nicolas Frank (vocals and guitars), Thibault Barbillon (bass, keyboards, guitars) and Jérôme Plasseraud (guitars and keyboards). With their first album Bye Bye Cellphone, they have created a loving homage to the sound of classic Brit pop and Californian folk-pop, with strong echoes of The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Their hook-laden tunes shimmer with six and 12-string guitars and plangent harmonies which weave in and out of a glinting lattice of Mellotrons, harmoniums, banjos, pianos, dulcimers, polyphonic synths and Casiotones. They rise in wistful choruses, with lyrics often speaking to reminiscing, escaping or being set free.

1973 - Bye Bye Cellphone     

Blending in influences of folk, indie and 70s music, Bye Bye Cellphone is a confident and serene debut for a band that knows how to craft refined pop songs. They are not trying to become superstars or write the next “Let It Be”. They are just doing what they do best: writing delectable tunes that sound better with every listen.

Find the band on MySpace or visit their official site for more info. You can buy their debut album Bye Bye Cellphone on Bye Bye Cellphone - 1973

SHE & HIM – VOLUME TWO (Retro/Folk – US)

She & Him

American indie folk duo She & Him have been around for barely three years and they have already released two studio albums. Their debut album, Volume One, came out in March 2008 courtesy of the excellent Merge label and, exactly two years later, the pair released its appropriately titled follow-up, Volume Two.

This charming record features thirteen dusky summer-scented songs about love and heartbreak, all beautifully delivered and carefully arranged. The first single taken off the new album was the irresistible “Thieves” that you can stream below.

She & Him - Thieves     

Zooey Deschanel (vocals, keyboards) and M. Ward (guitar, production) first met in 2006 for a soundtrack project for the film “The Go-Getter”. Zooey had been writing and recording her own songs at home on her computer but was shy about sharing them. She eventually accepted to send them to M. Ward and he was instantly impressed.

Their collaboration feels natural and their talents seem to combine perfectly. It feels as if they are making music for the sheer pleasure of it, and this is what gives the pair its abiding charm.

She & Him - Don't Look Back     

Find out more about She & Him on their official site or MySpace. Buy all their music on  She & Him


Malaga-born singer-songwriter Anni B Sweet is one of the most promising Spanish newcomers of the last few years. After releasing her debut album Start, Restart, Undo in 2009 on indie label in Subterfuge Records and conquering the hearts of thousands of fans in Spain (her debut went gold in just a few months), Anni is ready to share her very personal blend of indie folk with the rest of Europe.

Anni B Sweet - Second Hand     

Anni B Sweet is the stage name of Ana Lopez, born in Malaga in 1987. She started writing music at age nine, performed with several bands in Malaga as a teenager, then moved to Madrid in search of broader roads. Influenced by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Kate Bush and Cat Power, she composes, writes, sings and plays the guitar and, as a matter of fact, she wrote all the songs on her debut album, except for “Tumbado en mi Moqueta Azul” (the only song in Spanish) and her beautiful cover of “Take on Me”…

Anni B Sweet - Take On Me     

Show Anni B Sweet some love on MySpace. Buy Start, Restart, Undo on Anni B Sweet

DA BRASILIANS – DEBUT LP (Folk/Pop – France)

Da Brasilians is part of what has come to be known as the “New Parisian Scene”. Together with other bands such as The Dodoz or BB Brunes, they have taken their vintage guitars out and brought rock and folk music back into the spotlight.

Formed in 1999, Da Brasilians was created by four school friends (Rémi Lelièvre and Vincent Fraboulet on guitar and vocals, Jeff Lelièvre on drums and Benôit Chapdelaine on basse), who were later joined by Gregory on keyboards. For them, there no such thing as a frontman and this is probably partly due to the fact that the band has two vocalists and builds songs around vocal harmonies and layered arrangements.

Da Brasilians - Revolution     

After a first EP, About You, released in 2009, and hundreds of concerts in clubs and music festivals, Da Brasilians released their self-titled debut album last November. Clearly influenced by Brit Pop, folk and 70s rock, the five-piece has mastered the difficult art of songwriting and this is exactly what they show with these eleven tracks.

Da Brasilians - Ocean     

Listen to other music by Da Brasilians on MySpace and buy their album and EP on Da Brasilians

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First Aid Kit is a Swedish indie/folk duo consisting of precociously talented sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg (ages 20 and 17 respectively).  The Stockholm-based duo emerged in 2007, with a few songs posted on MySpace, and they made their intentions clear right away: “We aim for the hearts, not the charts”.

Their debut EP, Drunken Trees, was released in April 2008 in Sweden on the label Rabid Records, managed by  cult Swedish electronic duo The Knife. The EP was then re-released through Wichita Recordings in 2009 with one bonus track (Fleet Foxes’ cover “Tiger Mountain Pesant Song”) and three live versions.

First Aid Kit - Winter Is All Over You     

Klara and Johanna’s sound is rich, vocal-led, vintage-sounding folk music, propelled by solid melodies and  heart-wrenching harmonies. Their debut album, The Black & The Blue, released in January 2010, has been hailed by critics for its perfect songwriting and entrancing vocals. Now the two sweet-faced sisters are getting even more blog love following the release of their fantastic cover of Fever Ray‘s “When I Grow Old”.

First Aid Kit - When I Grow Up (Fever Ray Cover)     

For more music and up-to-the-minute news, check out First Aid Kit’s page on MySpace. Don’t forget that they also have an official site that you can visit HERE and that you can buy their music on