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Moonlight Matters

After almost two years producing disco-infused beats as one half of Villa, Sebastiaan Vandevoorde is now striking out on his own with his solo project Moonlight Matters. He has already produced a string of acclaimed remixes for the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Monarchy, Alex Winston, Digitalism, Lana del Rey or Is Tropical

Alex Winston - Sister Wife (Moonlight Matters Radio Remix)     

For his debut EP, Come For Me, Vandevoorde enlisted a few friends, such as Gustaph from Hercules & The Love Affair and Straving yet Full (of Azari & III fame) who provide vocals on “Come for Me” and “Standing Up For Love” respectively. Note that the download bundle also features remixes by Jerry, Herr Styler and Punks Jump Up.

All in all the EP includes three original tracks and it’s available now via Kitsuné. For some reason Mighty Mouse’s epic 7-minute remix of the title song didn’t quite make the cut for the official release, which is strange given how deliciously infectious it actually is. But fear not because Moonlight Matters has decided to release it anyway as a free download via his Soundcloud page.

Moonlight Matters - Come For Me (Mighty Mouse Remix)     

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At only twenty one years of age, Detroit-based artist Alex Winston has a lot going for herself. A talented  songwriter and guitarist, Winston released her debut single “Choice Notes” back in August 2010 on HeavyRoc Music, followed by the Sister Wife EP in February 2011. Produced by New York electronic music duo and producer-du-jour The Knocks, this critically acclaimed EP was a collection of tender tracks swathed with infectious sunny melodies and complimented with propelling drum beats.

Now the young lady is in the spotlight again with the imminent release of her brand new EP: Velvet Elvis. Scheduled for release on September 19th via Island Records, it will feature the title track and a couple of lush remixes. On remixing duties, we have remix collective extraordinaire RAC who have created a super cute and catchy rework of the original, with tropical-infused beats and an irresistible hook. The icing on the cake is that RAC are currently giving away this great remix for free on their Soundcloud!

Alex Winston - Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix)     

If you like what you hear, you’re in for a treat. We’ve got a couple more tunes for you! The first is a electro disco remix of Alex Winston’s poppiest and most addictive song “Sister Wife” and it comes courtesy of Moonlight Matters (aka Sebastiaan Vandevoorde).

Alex Winston - Sister Wife (Moonlight Matters Radio Remix)     

Finally, check the original version of “Velvet Elvis”. Definitely worth your time!

Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis

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Twenty-one year old singer / songwriter / guitarist from Detroit Alex Winston has been riding a pretty steady wave of success in the past few months and she seems determined to keep it going. The young lady is in the spotlight again this week after the release of a new remix of her poppiest and most addicitve song “Sister Wife”.

“Sister Wife” was the title-track of Winson’s third EP, released last March on HeavyRoc. The song already got its share of remixes but this time there is a very special guest on production duties: New Zealand’s own Ladyhawke. It’s actually the first time Ladyhawke remixes a track for another artist, hence the suprise and good deal of anticipation. To add to the buzz factor, it’s also Ladyhawke’s first “new” material in a long time and, honestly, it’s pretty great!

The remix was first posted on popjustice a few days ago and you can stream it just below. Enjoy!

Alex Winston – ‘Sister Wife’ (Ladyhawke Remix)

If you like what you hear, you’re in for a treat. We’ve got a couple more tunes for you! The first is a spacey remix of “Locomotive” by Beach Fossils and the second is another remix of “Sister Wife”. This version is more chilled than the one just heard above and it comes courtesy of Star Slinger.

Alex Winston - Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)     

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