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Moonlight Matters

After almost two years producing disco-infused beats as one half of Villa, Sebastiaan Vandevoorde is now striking out on his own with his solo project Moonlight Matters. He has already produced a string of acclaimed remixes for the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Monarchy, Alex Winston, Digitalism, Lana del Rey or Is Tropical

Alex Winston - Sister Wife (Moonlight Matters Radio Remix)     

For his debut EP, Come For Me, Vandevoorde enlisted a few friends, such as Gustaph from Hercules & The Love Affair and Straving yet Full (of Azari & III fame) who provide vocals on “Come for Me” and “Standing Up For Love” respectively. Note that the download bundle also features remixes by Jerry, Herr Styler and Punks Jump Up.

All in all the EP includes three original tracks and it’s available now via Kitsuné. For some reason Mighty Mouse’s epic 7-minute remix of the title song didn’t quite make the cut for the official release, which is strange given how deliciously infectious it actually is. But fear not because Moonlight Matters has decided to release it anyway as a free download via his Soundcloud page.

Moonlight Matters - Come For Me (Mighty Mouse Remix)     

Stream more tracks on SoundCloud or follow Moonlight Matters on Facebook. Buy the music on Moonlight Matters

THE MAGICIAN – REMIXES (Disco/Electro – Belgium)

The Magician

To start the year nicely, Belgian rising star of Nu Disco The Magician aka Stephen Fasano, formerly one half of Aeroplane, has shared a whole bunch of remixes through his SoundCloud. You can stream them all there and download six of them straight to your hard drive!

The Magician dug into his eclectic bag of tricks to put together a devilishly catchy compilation, featuring some of his own tracks (remixed by Plastic Plates or Erkka), some collabs and many remixes he produced for the likes of The Aikiu, Wolf Gang, Tyson, Beni, Yuksek and Lykke Li.

The Magician - I Don't Know What To Do (Erkka Remix)     

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)     

For more info find The Magician on MySpace. Buy his EP on

SHINDU – ALL IN MY FRIDGE (Electro/Synth – Belgium)


After the sweeping success of their debut release with Kitsuné “Happy House”, a refreshing cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ 1980 classic song, Belgian synthpop sensation Shindu return with a new slice of dancefloor-friendly electro for your enjoyment.

“All In My Fridge” will be released on January 20th via German dance label Kiez Beats and the EP will include no less than six remixes by the likes of Cosmonauts, Softwar, Pharao Black Magic, Sovnger, Kreap and Stubbs. To tease you just a little, the Belgian trio has put up Pharao Black Magic’s on their SoundCloud. Good news is you can download it for free.. Get it while you can!

Shindu - All In My Fridge (Pharao Black Magic Remix)     

As a bonus, you can stream stream a nice laid back remix of “Happy House” by London-based dance duo JBAG just below!

For more info, check out Shindu’s official site or follow them on Facebook. Pre-order the All In My Fridge EP exclusively on Beatport and buy Shindu’s previous release Happy House on

THE MAGICIAN – I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO (Disco/Electro/Club – Belgium)

After months and months of anticipation, many mixtapes and a bunch of crazy remixes, Belgian rising star of Nu Disco The Magician aka Stephen Fasano, formerly one half of Aeroplane, is finally ready to introduce his long-awaited solo debut, the single “I Don’t Know What to Do”. He dug into his eclectic bag of tricks to conjure up a devilishly tasty record, featuring vocals by Danish artist Jeppe Laursen.

The single, which will be out on legendary Parisian label Kitsuné on October 3rd, will showcase three stunning remixes by Fabian, Plastic Plates and Second Date.

The Magician made the decision to fly solo from Aeroplane only about a year ago but his has been a meteoric rise. Stephen first appeared under his new guise through his popular ‘Magic Tapes’ mixtape series available as free downloads on Soundcloud.

These didn’t go unnoticed among music aficionados and neither did his stunning remixes for the likes of The Aikiu, Beni, Yuksek and Lykke Li. The Magician’s remix of Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers” became an instant cult hit and garnered over 3 millions plays on YouTube. The final push was the release of “Twist”, a collaboration with Yuksek which got massive airplay across clubland this summer and cemented The Magician’s reputation.

“I Don’t Know What To Do” (Feat. Jeppe) by TheMagician

With its simple yet efficient piano hook, “I Don’t Know What to Do” is a pure disco-house jewel enlightened by Jeppe’s voice. The club mix and the remixes by Fabian and Plastic Plates, are punchy electronic excursions and are perfect peak time club bangers.

For more info, find The Magician on MySpace. Buy his debut EP on Peter & The Magician

SHINDU – HAPPY HOUSE (Electro/Pop – Belgium)

Out of the dark and into the blue, two boys and a girl from Belgium collide to create Shindu. A refreshing synthpopsensation that embodies the challenge to take music into the dawn of a new era. Shindu started out as DJ duo Static & Greedy, created a while back by Christopher D’havé and Maxime Abbenbroek, who spent years journeying through Belgian club life and sharing their quirky mixture of electro with crowds of happy dancers. To complete the band, they needed a strong leading lady so they set up some auditions and it quickly became clear that Chibi was the right one for the job. As for the icing, they got introduced to producer Sebastiaan Vandevoorde (aka Moonlight Matters), met up in the studio, exchanged some ideas and finally felt we’d established the perfect team to get things started.

Shindu – Happy House

Shindu create jaunty yet clever dancefloor-friendly tracks drenched in late 80s electronica and synthy atmospherics. Their version of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ 1980 classic song “Happy House” is too good, so here it is for you to enjoy. The Happy House EP with remixes from Herr Styler, Midnight Savari, JBAG, Martians and Polydor is out since June 27th on Kitsuné.

Shindu - Happy House (Martians Remix)     

The Belgian trio is now polishing its live act and planning to take it on the road real soon all around Europe and beyond. The next step will be getting back in the studio to cook up some new tracks. For more info, check out their official site or follow them on Facebook. Buy the Happy House EP on Happy House - Shindu