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Born from the ashes of Fanfare du Belgistan, Applause was founded in Brussels in 2006 by Manuel Roland (guitar), David Picard (keys), Manu Loriaux (bass), Jérémie Mosseray (drums), then joined by Nicolas Ly (the only non-Belgian artist in the band) on vocals.

In May last year they were signed to Wagram’s indie label 3ème Bureau (also home to acts such as Pony Pony Run Run and Crookers) and their debut EP was released in July 2010 to great reviews.

Good news is there is more fresh music in store! Applause have put out two singles since the beginning of 2011 and they are both great. Word on the street is that their first full length will be released by Summer.

If you care to pay them a visit, Applause are on MySpace and they have a few more songs streaming there. Don’t forget that their singles are available now from all major retailers including Amazon and  Applause

AEROPLANE – WE CAN’T FLY (Disco/Rock – Belgium)

In a mere three years, Italian-Belgian electro duo Aeroplane have managed to become one of the most recognised DJ/producer outfits around. With a string of stellar remixes for the likes of Friendly Fires, Sebastien Tellier, Lindstrøm and MGMT and their own piano-sprinkled melancholic tracks, they have built a cult following and their debut album, released in September, quite logically arrived with sky-high hopes. All these expectations were laid on Vito De Luca, now flying solo after parting with bandmate Stephen Fasano.

Overall, the album is a genre-bending journey of groovy cosmic disco rock with no clear destination. Produced and written by De Luca, We Can’t fly is not your typical dance album, it might not even be a dance album at all. Throughout its 13 tracks, De Luca’s love for classic rock is clear and the conspicuous presence of guitars, pianos and organs is here to remind us that he is equally influenced by Giorgio Moroder, Abba, and Pink Floyd.

Aeroplane - Superstar (The Krays Remix)     

Aeroplane - Without Lies (Black Van Remix)     

On this album, Aeroplane tries to reconcile immediate dance floor-bound imperatives and more long lasting, artsy and serious home-listening credentials? This tension is probably what causes the album to lose some of its direction, despite De Luca’s obvious talent and great musicianship.

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Gabriel Rios

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Gabriel Ríos relocated to Belgium with his family at an early age. Very active in the local music scene, Ríos was in various bands before starting his solo career. His first record, Ghostboy (2005), was produced by Jo Bogaert (of Technotronic) and featured a mix of Latin, hip hop, rock and electronica. The main single, “Broad Daylight,” was a sizeable hit in Belgium, as well as in the Netherlands and France.

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