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SHINE 2009 – EUROZONE (Electro/Funk – Finland)

Finnish duo Shine 2009 return with their first new material since their 2001 debut album Realism. On this new single Sami Suova and Mikko Pykäri come off as nonchalant as ever, taking a social stance on money and the financial challenges currently gripping Europe.

Musically, “Eurozone” pulls from genres as wide as funk, breakbeat and classic house, a surprising combination that would be perfectly at home in a dark 1990s discotheque. The song is taken off Shine 2009’s sophomore album, to be released this fall on Cascine.

For more info, check out Shine 2009’s Facebook. Buy the song on


Chad Valley

Born from Oxford’s famously innovative artistic community, Chad Valley is the solo project of Hugo Manuel, who you may recognise as the frontman of UK band Jonquil. Over the past three years, he has released a string of laid-back Balearic influenced EPs that “recreate the feeling of being on the beach”. On his debut album, Young Hunger, the young artist keeps exploring new sounds with a handful of unbelievable guests, including Twin Shadow, Glasser, Active Child and El Perro Del Mar.

Young Hunger may feature a lot of guest artists, but it is a personal record at heart. With a rare clarity of vision and innovative drive, Manuel creates fancy smooth pop jewels that draw on 80s synth bass, 90s filtered vocals and timeless melodies in an attempt his own blend of retrofuturistic pop.

As a bonus, check out a couple of (more or less recent) remixes for labelmate Rush Midnight and Swedish trio The Touch!

Rush Midnight - Night Was Young Enough (Chad Valley Remix)     

The Touch - Sermon (Chad Valley Remix)     

For more info and music, check out Chad Valley’s Tumblr or Facebook. Buy Young Hunger on

RUSH MIDNIGHT – CRUSH (SynthPop/Electro – US)

Rush Midnight is Brooklyn-based musician/producer Russ Manning, former bassist for Twin Shadow. His new single “Crush” is an exhilarating ode to being young in the city and the wonder of the limitless possibilities. Light, confident and unencumbered by the dictates of adulthood, it effortlessly builds into a strobe-lit dancefloor anthem, and further showcases Rush Midnight’s burgeoning talent for assured melody.

Rush Midnight - Crush (Prod. Twin Shadow)     

“Crush”, which happens to be produced by Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr, is the second single taken from Rush Midnight’s forthcoming +1 EP, to be released on October 30 via Cascine. On a side note, the EP also includes a lovely duo with Doe Paoro. Listen below!

As a bonus, wrap your ears around this synthey remix of previous single “Night Was Young Enough” by label-mate Chad Valley

Rush Midnight - Night Was Young Enough (Chad Valley Remix)     

Find Rush Midnight on Facebook or visit his official site. Buy the music on +1 - EP - Rush Midnight

DITT INRE – EN VÅRLD I BRAND (ChillWave – Sweden)

Ditt Inre is the musical alias of Stockholm-based musicians Hampus Klint and Einar Andersson. With their moody electronic pop they will take you on a blissed out journey across desert islands, neon-lit empty dancefloors and distant memories of Summer beach parties. Their debut EP is called En Värld I Brand and it’s out on May 29 via Cascine (also home to Chad Valley, Wintercoats, Jensen Sportag, Evan Voytas).

Ditt Inre - Manljus (saknad)     

Sung in Swedish over layers of saturated synths and sampled beats, Ditt Inre’s ambient pop gems pair are dark and brooding, yet also rich and full of hope. Part melancholy, part pop, and part dance, the pair excel at creating a sense of intimacy through their impeccably produced dreamy songs

For more info, music and tour dates, head over to Ditt Inre’s official site or give them a shout on Facebook.

WORLD TOUR – BELIEVE (Synth/Chillwave – Sweden)

World Tour

World Tour are Felix Hedberg, Tobias Gerhardsson and Merike Kjaergaard from Sweden. After signing to Cascine last year (also home to Chad Valley, Wintercoats, Jensen Sportag, Evan Voytas), the trio received rave reviews for their single “Sparks” and they are now finally ready to release their debut EP, Believe. To celebrate this release, the band is giving away the title track absolutely for free. Check it out below!

Wolrd Tour - Believe     

“Believe” is a bold glistening pop gem with a slowly-evolving melody. Spend some time with it, and it blossoms into something beautiful and three-dimensional, full of dreamy synths and richy textured atmospheric arrangements.

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