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JOAKIM – MILKY WAYS (Electro/Disco – France)

You may know Joakim from his 2007 album Monsters & Silly Songs, a fusion of disco, post-punk and pop that became something of an instant cult classic.

You may know him for his remixes of artists such as Cut Copy, Simian Mobile Disco, Annie, Röyksopp, Alter Ego  and Poni Hoax. You may know him from his years behind the scenes at Tigersushi, the iconic Parisian label at the crossroads between post-punk, dance music and avant-garde. But whatever you think you know about Joakim, prepare to be very surprised by this, his third studio album Milky Ways.

Over the course of a tidy 51 minutes, Joakim and his band mates fold together bits of psychedelia, old-school computer music, exotica, electro-pop, new wave, Krautrock and much more into an expansive, remarkably coherent album that refuses to be reduced to a single genre. This is no pastiche: these are proper songs, and the whole album follows the kind of overall arc that’s rare in a contemporary longplayer.

Joakim - Spiders     

“Spiders” is the first single off the album, with six delirious minutes of Italo arpeggios, fluid vocal harmonies, acid-house snares and an extended Afro-pop breakdown that perfectly sum up the record’s madcap, magpie spirit.

To listen to more music, check out Joakim’s page on MySpace. You can buy his new album on Milky


The Off Key Hat is Darren Morris and Leon Mayes. Darren has been working with the likes of Tim Goldsworthy (DFA), Ashley Beedle, David Holmes and Jagz Kooner (to name but a few), Leon does nothing but Dig. Darren and Leon hooked up a few years ago almost by chance during some down time in Brighton.

The Off Key Hat - Emergency Calling     

The Off Key Hat have released four vinyls on hot UK label Dissident since the beginning of their collaboration in 2008. Their first release, “Emergency Calling”, hit the stores two years ago but it hasn’t aged a bit. The track is a futuristic disco piece that sounds as timeless as can possibly be. Its grinding beat, slow-paced synths and soft vocals by Michelle Manetti work their magic on the listener, taking him back to the 70s on a delightful musical journey. “Emergency Caling” is sexy and seductive and it’s the perfect song for a lazy sunday afternoon. Check it out!

More Off Key Hat music and news on MySpace. Buy on The Off Key Hat


Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost! are Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel, a duo of remixers / musicians based in Brooklyn, NY. The duo was originally part of the live rap group Automato whose debut was produced by DFA’s founder James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy. For the record, Nicholas is also part of The Juan MacLean’s live band.

In the past few months, Holy Ghost! have been all over the blogosphere and they are quickly becoming one of the leaders in the current disco revival. Holy Ghost! are currently signed to DFA Records (home to the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip and The Juan MacLean) and they are working on their debut full length, which should be released sometime in 2010.

Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back     

For the release of their new single “I Will Come Back”, they have teamed up with Green Label Sound to distribute it for free on the Green Label website.

Get more tunes from Holy Ghost on

FAN DEATH – VERONICA'S VEIL (Alt/Disco – Canada)

Fan Death hail from Vancouver and are a quirky electro disco duo. They were one of the breakout acts of ‘08, along with Empire Of The Sun. The disco revival is in full swing (see Hercules & Love Affair, Holy Ghost!, Glass Candy) and these two Canadians bring you the beats like no other.

Fan Death - Veronica's Veil (Erol Alkan's Extended Mix)     
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