VALLIS ALPS – YOU & I (Pop/Electronica – US/Australia)

Australian/American duo Vallis Alps’s new single “You & I” sees them team up with Eric Cannata of Young The Giant as a co-writer and co-producer. Blending bluesy guitars, exquisite vocals and soft beats, the song is about learning to look after relationships – romantic, friendships, creative collaborations – and repair them when something is broken.

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VALLIS ALPS – SET IT OFF, SET IT RIGHT (Pop/Electronica – Australia)

Blending down-tempo, piano-driven melodies with 80’s pop synths and hip-hop influences, Sydney-based independent electronic act Vallis Alps is the brainchild of vocalist Parissa Tosif and producer David Ansari. Originally from Seattle (Ansari) and Canberra (Tosil), the pair’s tunes have clocked over 2 million SoundCloud plays and the single “Young” became a hit, ultimately placing at number 27 on that year’s Triple J Hottest 100.

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