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SON LUX – DREAM STATE (Alt/Electronica – US)

LA-based genre-bending artist Son Lux (Ryan Lott) has been churning out unique, wildly creative compositions since the late noughties. Taken off his forthcoming album Brighter Wounds, “Dream State” is a lush production in the vein of some of Lott’s best works.

For your listening pleasure, here is an alternative version, bare and stripped down to the strict essentials.

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Back in 2010, Glass Animals created a little bit of a commotion amongst dubstep and experimental electronica enthusiasts with their dark and haunting official debut “Golden Antler”. The track ended up disappearing from the band’s SoundCloud, though its melancholy lingered in many ears long after, and Glass Animals all but vanished off the face of the earth. Two years down the line, they are back with a new single, “Cocoa Hooves” and a completely revisited version of “Golden Antlers”, both included in their debut EP.

Two years in the making, the Leaflings EP shows the band’s evolution and it most notably showcases lead singer David Barley’s maturity and assurance. The EP features four tracks and it’s out now on Kaya Kaya Records.

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SIGUR RÓS – EKKI MUKK (Ambient/Electronica – Iceland)

Four years after their last LP, Sigur Rós have returned with the lead single from their soon-to-be-released new album, Valtari. To help their numerous fans wait until the official release, the Icelandic quartet have uploaded their captivating new song “Ekki Mukk” on SoundCloud. Stream it below…

Since the band’s last album Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust in 2008, front man Jónsi launched a side project with partner Alex Somers and he also wrote the soundtrack for the motion picture We Bought A Zoo.

Sigur Rós’ new album Valtari, which means “steamroller” in Icelandic, will be their sixth studio album and it is scheduled for release on May 29th.

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Three years after their cult album Wave If You’re Really There, Liverpool-based indie electro outfit Wave Machines are finally back with their haunting new single “Counting Birds” and they’ve decided to make it available for free on their SoundCloud, for a limited time only.

“Counting Birds” reveals the band’s darker side, it is more nuanced and introspective than their usual lush disco-hook sound. Simultaneously intimate and epic, this new song points towards what will be a massive return-to-the-fray of one of the most promising acts of the last few years.

Wave Machines - Counting Birds     

To celebrate the band’s strong comeback, let’s rediscover their classic synth-laden hit “Keep The Lights On”, here skillfully remixed by British producer Artwork…

Wave Machines - Keep The Lights On (Artwork Remix)     

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CAMILLE – ILO VEYOU (Acoustic/Experimental – France)

Since the beginning of her career almost ten years ago, French chanteuse Camille (born Camille Dalmais) has relentlessly explored the possibilities of modern music with her innovative and unconventional songs. Her past two albums – the platinum-selling French-language breakthrough Le Fil (2005), and its beat-boxy bilingual follow-up Music Hole (2008) – pitted the Parisian performer against the percussive sounds of her own body. Camille’s restless, inventive voice was perfectly enhanced by the gleeful blizzard of clicks, snaps, gulps and claps that she and her then producer, Birmingham-born beatboxer MaJiKer, created to accompany them.

Camille - Au Port     

On her self-produced fourth solo album Ilo Veyou, Dalmais continues her musical exploration but MaJiKer is gone. She recorded most of the album in vast spaces with distinctive acoustic qualities – including various churches and abbeys – filling them with playful songs that reflect her current state of mind. “I recorded it in a quiet, serene environment”, she explains, “and it’s a very live, acoustic album about musical moments. It’s very folky and it takes its time, that’s what I would say”.

Camille - L'Etourderie     

Arrangements are sparse throughout the album, which may be due to the fact that Camille decided to go back to basics and record all 15 tracks in single takes. Most of Ilo Veyou finds the songstress simply backed by a string quartet and a Brass band and the result is an album that is dazzling in its naked emotion.

As a bonus, you will find a Disco-tinged remix of Camille’s 2009 single “Home Is Where It Hurts”. Produced by David Rubato this complete reinterpretation of the track is as unexpected as it is brilliant!

Camille - Home Is Where It Hurts (David Rubato Version)     

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