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Australian duo Flight Facilities’ first original song, “Crave You” featuring Giselle Rosselli, took the world by storm a few years back, and now, after numerous hit singles, a top-selling debut album and a few awards gathered along the way, they are going back to what it’s all really about: the songs.

So far this year, the Sydney duo have already released two breakaway singles, “Need You” (28 February) and “All Your Love” (30 May), and racked millions of streams on YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify. Fans can expect more tunes in the coming months as founders Jimmy Lyell and Hugo Gruzman keep pushing at the edges of the band’s sound to write a new chapter in Flight Facilities’ story.

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FLIGHT FACILITIES – DOWN TO EARTH (Electro/Disco – Australia)

Four years ago, Australian producer duo Flight Facilities took the world by storm with their timeless debut single “Crave You”, featuring Giselle’s effortlessly sultry vocals. Building on their first success, Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell spent the next few years dropping hit single after hit single (“Foreign Language”, “With You”, “Clair de Lune”, “Two Bodies”) and touring around the world.

To say the duo’s debut album was highly anticipated would be a gross understatement and now that it’s finally here it doesn’t disappoint in the least. Down To Earth is a perfectly balanced mix of familiar favorites interlocked with brand new tracks and a few instrumental jams thrown in for good measure. Bridging the gap between electro and pop, the record feels like a smooth well-structured journey, from the breathy chill of “Two Bodies” and pulsing beats of “Heart Attack” to the funky vibe of “Sunshine” and the love-struck retro house of “Apollo”. Down To Earth features an all-star cast of talented female vocalists including Micky Green, Emma Louise, Christine Hoberg, Elizabeth Rose, Owl Eyes and Giselle Rosselli, as well as a few male voices: Reggie Watts, Stee Downes and teen US rapper Bishop Nehru.

Flight Facilities feat. Jess - Foreign Language (Beni Remix)     

Flight Facilities feat. Giselle - Crave You (Graz Remix)     

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Opening with some catchy whistling and a steady beat, “Stand Still” brings out a new and poppier side of Australian duo Flight Facilities. The song features an extended cast of ‘friends’ including the vocals of Sydney-born-Paris-based pop singer Micky Green, whose sweeping melodies add bubblegum sweetness to this upbeat jam. The final mix also comes courtesy of James David, one half of mysterious UK duo Snakehips.

“Stand Still” is available with three incredible remixes, featuring Sydney’s Wave Racer, Future Classic alumni (and Lithuania’s Producer of the Year) Mario Basanov, and New York’s Com Truise, who brings his synth-heavy sounds to the table.

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FLIGHT FACILITIES – CLAIR DE LUNE (Electronica/Downtempo – Australia)

Flight Facilities

It’s been a while since Aussie pop duo Flight Facilities released any new material so expectations were sky high ahead of their new single “Clair de Lune”. After the sweeping success of their tropical summer tune “With You”, fans were probably hoping for another singalong synthy tune, but FF decided to go in a completely different direction. Taking inspiration from French composer Claude Debussy‘s piece “Clair de Lune”, this eight-minute track is surprisingly smooth and chilled out, much more contemplative than any of their previous work.

Featuring vocals by Christine Hoberg, glossy keyboards and rising strings, “Clair de Lune” is “our ode to [Debussy] because we’re both so in love with that song”, the duo explained. The single is out now in Australia and New Zealand and will be available next week in the rest of the world.

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FLIGHT FACILITIES – WITH YOU (ElectroPop – Australia)

Flight Facilities

Aussie electropop duo Flight Facilities have a brand new single called ‘With You’, this time featuring the vocal work of Hot Chip drummer Grovesnor – something darker, something deeper and something more mature.

Once again FF have crafted an impeccable tropical tune that takes you on a journey into their world of pop. “With You” is out now via Sydney-based label Future Classic and the EP also features remixes by the likes of David August, Danny Daze and MAM.

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