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GRUM – REMIXES (Electro/House – UK)


It’s been a long time coming, but it seems UK synthpop maestro Grum (born Graeme Shepherd) is finally ready to come out of hiding, and he comes bearing gifts. In less than a month, he has released three massive remixes that share a common full-on synthesizer, big room style. Perfect way to start the weekend!

The first remix takes on UK duo Paper Crows’ single “Changing Colours”, giving it an impeccable glittering dancefloor makeover and the second reinvents Lonsdale Boys Club’s “Light Me Up” with big old fat synths and a bouncy synth bassline.

Browsing our archives, there are plenty more outstanding Grum remixes worth sharing (Passion Pit, Goldfrapp, Fenech-Soler, Anoraak, Friendly Fires, Moullinex, The Good Natured, Jump Jump Dance Dance). Grab a couple of cool tracks below…

Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy (Grum Remix)     
Grum - Runaway (Super Mal Remix)     

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GRUM – HEARTBEATS (SynthPop/Electro – UK)

To kickstart your weekend, UK synthpop maestro Grum (born Graeme Shepherd) has a special recipe: big old fat synths, bouncy synth basslines and filtered vocals. His dancefloor-friendly tunes are almost guaranteed to lift your spirits within the first few bars and that’s just what you need to get you started on a friday!

It’s been almost a year since the release of his fantastic debut album Heartbeats, which sent him straight into the A-league of contemporary electro artists, and it feels like the perfect time to pick it up again, give it a few listens and squeeze out the best. So here it is for your listening pleasure: a handpicked selection of some of the most thrilling tracks off the album, remixed by the cream of the crop in today’s club music.

Grum - Runaway (Super Mal Remix)     

Grum - Can't Shake This Feeling (Aston Shuffle Remix)     

Grum - Through The Night (Dimsaw Remix)     

A unique blend of disco house and electro, this is music you can enjoy over headphones just as much as you would pumping over speakers at a club. For the record, Grum has also remixed music for a large number of his peers: Goldfrapp, Passion Pit, Fenech-Soler, Anoraak, Friendly Fires, Moullinex, Human Life, Jump Jump Dance Dance…

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Fenech Soler

UK-based electro outfit Fenech Soler are known to many dancefloor lovers for their punchy synthpop tunes and they are back again with a gorgeous new single: “Demons”. In the same vein as their previous singles, “Demons” is a ball of energy, packed with killer melodies and hooks, massive synths and an irresistibly dancey beat.

But wait, it gets better! The track has been remixed by none other than French electro rising star Yuksek, who has produced two different versions. And there are eight (8!) more remixes from the likes of Sigma, Wideboys, Drums of Death, Jokers Of The Scene, Plump DJs and Alan Wilkis…

“Demons” is taken off Fenech Soler’s self titled debut album, released in September 2010 on B-Unique (home to Kaiser Chief, Bedouin Soundclash and Har Mar Superstar amongst others). On their explosive debut LP, Ross Duffy, Ben Duffy, Daniel Soler and Andrew Lindsay show their skills as songwriters and beatmakers. They know how to intertwine lush synth melodies and explosions of rhythms to create glistening pop songs.

As a bonus, listen to “Lies” remixed by fellow Englishman Grum

Fenech Soler - Lies (Grum Remix)     

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GRUM – RUNAWAY (Electro/Club – UK)

For someone who only produced his first track in the spring of last year, Grum’s rise to prominence has been one of Justice-style proportions.

Hailing from Leeds, Graeme Shepherd (aka Grum) serves his own unique blend of disco house with an electro vibe.

Grum - Runaway (SymbolOne Remix)     

Since tracks such as “Heartbeats” first started appearing on blogs all over the world, Grum’s music has been in such demand that Hype Machine recently calculated he was the second most blogged about act in the world, right behind Radiohead.

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