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VÖK – FIGURE (Alt/Electro – Iceland)

Following two critically acclaimed EPs Tension (2013) and Circles (2015), Icelandic alternative electro band Vök will release their highly anticipated debut album Figure on April 28 via Nettwerk Records. Mostly written in their home studio and recorded with producer and Jack Garratt collaborator Brett Cox, the album sees the Reykjavík-based band taking their sound to new heights.

With influences ranging from from The Weeknd’s intimist RnB to Little Dragon‘s quirky electronica, Figure spans a whole spectrum of emotions and sounds, full of distorted pulses, near-whispered melodies, echoing guitars and dreamy hooks.

Vök took their time to deliver this first album but they are now ready to share it with their fans and the four-piece will be touring extensively throughout 2017 to bring it clubs and concert halls across Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Poland, France, UK and more).

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YOUNG KARIN – PYK EP (Alt/Indie – Iceland)

Young Karin

Emerging just over a year ago from the ashes of short-lived project Highlands, Young Karin is a Reykjavik-based band with a refreshing sound that sets them apart from pretty much everything else in the Icelandic indie scene. On July 3rd the young duo created by Karin Sveinsdóttir and Logi Pedro (better known as a member of Retro Stefson) released the Pyk EP, made in collaboration with clothing manufacturer 66° North and photographer K_Tanman.

Young Karin - Bones     

Young Karin - U     

With this new EP we get a glimpse of Young Karin’s singular sound, a wise mix of hip hop influenced beats and avant garde pop productions, based on creative sampling, moody synths and distorted bass.

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VIDEO : SIGUR RÓS – VARÚD (Ambient/PostRock – Iceland)

Four years after their last LP, Sigur Rós finally released their new album Valtari (which literally translates to “steamroller”) last May 29th via XL Recordings. To spice things up a little, lead singer Jónsi Birgisson and his mates launched the Valtari mystery film experiment. To put it simply, the band asked a dozen film makers to create short films representing whatever came to their mind when they listened to songs from album, and all this with a strictly limited budget.

The video for the entrancingly beautiful song “Varúð” taps into the talent of Icelandic film maker Inga Birgisdóttir. Watch it above…

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RETRO STEFSON – QWEEN (Indie/Pop – Iceland)

Retro Stefson

Reykjavik’s indie pop collective Retro Stefson was born out of the ashes of an ill-fated rap group started by lead singer Unnstein Stefansson. The six members (who happen to be former schoolmates) gradually moved to a more pop-oriented sound, while also taking inspiration from world music. Now a fully-fledged band, Retro Stefson have released 2 albums, a handful of EPs and they recently shared a brand new song, “Qween”, the first single off their forthcoming third LP.

Retro Stefson mix rock influences, low slung bass lines, funk guitars, electronic beats and African elements to create a fresh and enticing sound. But the young combo also like to share their colourful music palette with other a artists. In the past, they have remixed songs for fellow Icelanders FM Belfast, who returned the favour on “Senseni”.

FM Belfast - Frequency (Retro Stefson Remix)     

Retro Stefson - Senseni (FM Belfast Remix)     

Find out more on Retro Stefson on Facebook or check out their official site. Buy “Qween” on Gogoyoko or Retro Stefson

SIGUR RÓS – EKKI MUKK (Ambient/Electronica – Iceland)

Four years after their last LP, Sigur Rós have returned with the lead single from their soon-to-be-released new album, Valtari. To help their numerous fans wait until the official release, the Icelandic quartet have uploaded their captivating new song “Ekki Mukk” on SoundCloud. Stream it below…

Since the band’s last album Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust in 2008, front man Jónsi launched a side project with partner Alex Somers and he also wrote the soundtrack for the motion picture We Bought A Zoo.

Sigur Rós’ new album Valtari, which means “steamroller” in Icelandic, will be their sixth studio album and it is scheduled for release on May 29th.

Find out more about Sigur Rós on their official website or on Facebook. Buy their music on Sigur