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O MER – NOW I’M ALIVE (Downtempo – Israel)

O Mer

Originally from Tel-Aviv, now based in brooklyn, O Mer (born Omer Schonberger) is a very talented guitarist, singer, beat maker and composer, who has already been dubbed the next James Blake by Nylon Magazine. His debut EP, Blind, was released just over a year ago, featuring a collection of songs with experimental elements, sleek beats and great vocals. ‘It’s a continuous piece,’ O Mer explains. ‘It feels like the last few dreams you had before waking up, when things line up in a way that only made sense while dreaming.’

O Mer shared his new song “Now I’m Alive” via his SoundCloud a couple of months ago and it has already received over 100,000 plays. This expertly produced tune mixes solid beats and soulful vocals that give it an organic, human touch.

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saturday nite with… GUY GERBER

Guy Gerber

Hailing from Israel, Guy Gerber has been stirring up electronic audiences on some of the most respected dance floors across the globe over the past ten years. From being the rock kid at the rave, to the Israeli DJ on the European club circuit, to the electronic producer with a fetish for live instruments, he tends to skirt the edge of whatever scene he is in and cultivate a nonconformist attitude.

His 2004 breakthrough single, “Stoppage Time”, became the stand out anthem of the summer in Ibiza and managed to surpass the 5-digit mark in sales. But this early success was nothing compared to the current buzz on Guy: with dozens of acclaimed releases, an ever-evolving live act and his own label (Supplement Facts), his name has become a synonym for “party”…

Guy Gerber - Lost In You Like A Chinese Cookie     

Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber - After Love     

With his unique melodies and production skills, Gerber manages to keep his audience locked in, be it on record, on stage or through his remixes (Tiger Stripes, Azari & III and Deniz Kurtel amongst others). It’s impossible to say where all of this is headed, but with a talent as bold and unorthodox as his, we can expect great things.

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KEREN ANN – MY NAME IS TROUBLE (Folk/Indie – France)

Critically acclaimed Israeli-born, Paris-bred singer songwriter Keren Ann Zeidel has announced the release of her 6th studio album, 101, next month. The 10-track follow up to her 2007 self-titled album will be in stores in most European countries on February 28th, followed by a spring release in the rest of the world. The lead-off single, My Name Is Trouble, is already out and available on all downloading platforms. You can stream it here and there’s also a remix contest going on here.

Keren Ann – My Name Is Trouble

Keren Ann is largely based in Paris, Tel Aviv and New York and she records most of her music between these three cities. She lived in Israel and in the Netherlands until the age of 11, when her family moved to France. She still retains her Dutch and Israeli citizenship.

Keren Ann has released five solo albums, which have earned her rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Her exquisite songs, sung in French and English, have a sophisticated, multi-faceted sound which draws on a wide range of influences.

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saturday nite with… GUY J

Israeli DJ/producer Guy J is at the forefront of a real House music renaissance in his home country. Along with a handful of his fellow countrymen, he is leading the way for a return to the melody-rich and emotionally charged roots of the House music spectrum.

Guy’s productions have earned him wide praise for their tight, driving beats, shimmering synths, warm melodies and impeccable arrangements. Straddling the lively, timeless space between ambient, house, techno and electronica he constantly maintains a melodic and highly emotive core to his music.

After setting floors alight with a volley of killer singles, Guy released his hotly anticipated full-length artist album Esperanza on John Digweed’s Bedrock label in 2008. In classic Guy J fashion the whole album is a musically dense and diverse trip that is as dynamic as it is organic, keeping you hanging on ’til the very last drop has poured out of the speakers!

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YAEL NAIM (Acoustic/Folk/Pop – France)

Yael Naim was born in Paris in 1978 but only spent the first four years of her life there. At age four she  moved to Ramat Hacharon, a small town not far from Jerusalem, with her parents, of Tunisian origin.

Singer-songwriter and pianist, Yael met percussionist David Donatien, a musician and percussion player, with whom she recorded, arranged, and produced the songs that make up her first studio release. During the 2 years they spent in a home studio in Yael’s own appartment, they created an album full of finely crafted songs sung in Hebrew, English and French. The songs mix folk and pop with delicate arrangements and a very intimate and personal sound.

Yael Naim - Pachad     

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