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JUPITER – ONE O SIX (Electro/Club – France)


To whet your appetite before the release of their eagerly awaited (and long overdue) debut album, scheduled for release next June, French electropop duo Jupiter have a new single coming out tomorrow April 16 via Grand Blanc: “One O Six”.

The EP will include remixes from The Supermen Lovers, Juveniles, A.N.D.Y and Turzi Electronique Expérience, and the best part is you can already grab A.N.D.Y’s wonderful remix on SoundCloud and it’s completely free! Stream below and dance!

Jupiter - One o Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix)     

If you like this disco-infused remix, you might also be partial to a little remix Jupiter recently produced for The Supermen Lovers. Get ready for an avalanche of poppy synths, bouncy beats and cut up vocals…

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KIT – DRUNK BOAT (Electro/SynthPop – France)


Parisian electropop outfit KiT consists of Audrey on synths and vocals, Quentin on guitar and bass and Fred on synths. With influences ranging from Radiohead to Metronomy, Hot Chip or PJ Harvey, they combine careless pop melodies and dark electronica undertones. After a pretty long break, they shared their latest tune “Drunk’ Boat” last week on SoundCloud. Stream below…

In other news, KiT also got one of their tracks featured on Kitsuné’s new Parisien 2 compilation earlier this month. The song is “Those Words” and you can buy it here.

For the nostalgic, here’s a couple of older tracks: “Vanished Uh Uh” taken off the band’s 2010 debut EP and a memorable disco-infused remix of “Animals” by fellow Parisian electropop duo Jupiter!

KiT - Animals (Jupiter Remix)     

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saturday nite with… JUPITER


You might remember Parisian electropop duo Jupiter from their high-energy singles “Saké” and “Vox Populi”. Over the past couple of years, Amélie and Quarles, Jupiter’s creative core, have established a solid reputation as France’s best purveyors of club-friendly electro.

Their latest endeavour is a synthalicious remix of “Clash” by Paris-based outfit Caravan Place. With a touch of nu-disco and addictive beats, Jupiter turn the song into a true dancefloor anthem!

Word on the street is that A&Q are currently working on their debut album, which should be pretty amazing if what they have released so far is any measure. While we wait for Jupiter’s album, let’s go over some of the remixes they have produced for the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Chew Lips, Anoraak, Metronomy and KiT. The list is long and the standard is high but here is a little selection…

KiT – Animals (Jupiter Remix)     

Blackjoy - Mercurian (Jupiter Remix)     

Chew Lips - Salt Air (Jupiter Remix)     

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JUPITER – KASS LIMON (Disco/Pop – France)

After revisiting Japan a few months ago with their discolicious Saké EP (and the already-classic Saké dance), French electro pop duo Jupiter is ready to make you discover a completely different universe with their new single “Kass Limon”, released on July 19th on oh-so-chic Parisian label Kitsuné!

Based on a summer hit by legendary Caribbean band Kassav, the song will surprise you in more ways than one. First and foremost, because seeing the names of trendy electro duo Jupiter and 80s zouk legends Kassav on the same CD sleeve was all but predictable! However, age gap and musical background aside, the collaboration makes complete sense when you know about Jupiter’s inborn passion for retro hits and everything that’s shiny and glittery!

Amélie and Quarles, Jupiter’s creative core, took the beat of Kassav’s classic zook song “Lagué Moin”, they added some of their trademark synths, a touch of nu-disco and sampled vocals from the original track to come up with a true dancefloor anthem!

So if you want some punchy nu-disco flavoured pop, “Kass Limon” is just what you need. Now, get ready to dance to Jupiter’s most bouncy and summery hit to date!

Jupiter vs Kassav – Kass Limon

Show Jupiter some love on MySpace and check out their previous singles, all neon and disco lights, HERE, HERE and HERE. Buy their new single on Kitsuné: Kass Limon - Single - Jupiter & Kassav

JUPITER – SAKE (Electro/Disco – France)


After two critically acclaimed EPs,  countless remixes and stellar DJ sets in some of Paris’ trendiest clubs,  Jupiter are gearing up for the release of “Saké”, their newest single. It will be out  on Kitsuné next Monday 7th March.

As is to be expected with a Kitsuné release, the download bundle comes packed with a whole lot of classy remixes by the likes of Para One & Tacteel, Hannulelauri, Anoraak, Blackjoy, Electricity, In Flagranti and more…

Jupiter - Sake (Electricity Remix)     

Jupiter’s uplifting brand of disco house has become a mainstay of the new French electro scene and their fanbase has grown slowly and steadily for the past couple of years. With their magic synths, perfect beats and unmistakable 80s touch, Jupiter offer a mix that is appealing to most and yet quite unique. Check out their terrific first singles, all neon and disco lights, HERE and HERE.

Jupiter - Sake (Anoraak Remix)     

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