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Enigmatic New York-based project R. Missing unveiled their debut EP last March to great reviews. Released via Terminal Echo, Unsummering explores shadowy soundscapes filled with gloomy synth lines, moody beats and hazily deadpan vocals.

Sometimes compared to The Knife, Austra or Velvet Underground, R. Missing is the latest musical venture from indie band The Ropes. Under this new moniker, vocalist Sharon Shy and musician Toppy expand on their previous palette of nihilistic Morrisey tinged lyricism and go one shade darker. Musically, fraught guitar and synth textures paint an image of an unstable world, held together only by tightly programmed electronic drum beats.

You can follow R. Missing on Facebook and SoundCloud. The Unsummering EP is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

LA BOETIE – CARDIOGRAM (ElectroPop – France)

On the heels of their four-to-the-floor debut single “Your Girl”, Paris-based new wave duo La Boétie are back with more dancey tunes that you will not want to pass on! First up is “Cardiogram”, a high energy pop anthem which will make all the hipsters move their feet on the dancefloor.

La Boétie - Cardiogram     

La Boétie’s newest track is called “Life Life” and it is currently streaming on their SoundCloud. With this song, the pair slow things down a notch but the shiny synths arrangements and irresistible electronic beats are as effective as ever.

Follow La Boétie on Facebook or check out their official site for more info. Stream the music on SoundCloud.


With just a couple of weeks to go now until the release of their debut full-length Giants & Dreamers, Toronto’s Bravestation unveil their new single “Western Thrills”, a delectable slice of quirky tribal pop with spaced-out guitars and colourful harmonies.

Bravestation - Western Thrills     

Recorded in basements, bedrooms and at the Canterbury Studio, Giants & Dreamers is an adventurous album, filled with visions of fantasy and a future that struggles between dystopia and utopia. If you haven’t had a chance to hear it to yet, check out Bravestation’s previous single “Signs of the Civilized” remixed by Polarsets and Foxkit.

Bravestation - Signs of the Civilized (Polarsets Remix)     
Bravestation - Signs of the Civilized (Foxkit Remix)     

For more info, find Bravestation on Facebook. Stream their music and pre-order the album on BandCamp.

MONTAG – PHASES (SynthPop/NuWave – Canada)


After four years of making music with different bands and projects, Antoine Bédard (aka Montag) thought it was time to get back to his own music but he didn’t want to release a full album. He settled for a radically new concept instead, releasing new material every month in the shape of a single, a B-side, a video and a diary-type audio entry documenting his creative process.

Montag - Trip The Light Fantastic     

The project, aptly dubbed Phases, has already yielded five singles (one for each month of 2012) and a handful of remixes by the likes of Memory Tapes, Pierre Crube (of Numéro# fame), Red Idiot, James Bay or Team Ghost.

Montag - New Design (Pierre Crube Remix)     

Montag has also collaborated with a few special guests, including Pierre Lapointe (“P.I.E.C.E.S”) and Graham Van Pelt (“Trip The Light Fantastic”), as well as video artist Jérémie Battaglia and Mexican graphic designer Curious Flux.

More info on Montag’s official site or Facebook. Stream all the tracks, remixes and audio doumentaries on SoundCloud and buy on Montag

CITY CALM DOWN – DARE (ElectroPop – Australia)

City Calm Down

City Calm Down is a four-piece live electronic outfit from Melbourne. With varying degrees of influence stemming from post-punk, disco, jazz, and techno, they’re making an interesting brand of dancy electropop. The band’s latest release is a double A-side single including two new songs: “Dare” and “Burn Out”.

City Calm Down - Dare     

This new EP showcases CCD’s raw vocals and layered live synths, setting them apart from the current wave of highly processed, drum-machine-powered electro outfits. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in their live show, which involves extensive use of samplers, synthesizers, sequencers and drum modules as well as more traditional instruments such as bass guitar, saxophone and live drums.

Listen to more music on SoundCloud, follow them on Facebook or check out the official site. Buy the Dare/Burn Slow EP on BandCamp and download their previous releases from