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VOLTAIRE TWINS – ROMULUS (SynthPop – Australia)

Voltaire Twins

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Voltaire Twins are a brother and sister who make new wave pop music with their friends. You can stream their new Romulus EP, including new single “Animalia”, as well as download the new remix of the song Romulus by Moullinex for free from the band’s website!

Voltaire Twins - Romulus (Moullinex Remix)     

Voltaire Twins’ cool electro-infused beats have been getting heaps of blog loving in the past few months and the band’s tunes have already been remixed by the likes of Purple Sneakers, JBAG, Lifelike and more.. Here is a mixed bag of goodies for your eager ears!

Voltaire Twins - D.I.L (JBAG's Hot Pop Remix)     

To find out more about Voltaire Twins check out their official site or Facebook. Buy the music on


Memory Tapes

Memory Tapes is one of the numerous recording aliases of New Jersey-based musician Dayve Hawk (also known as Memory Cassette and Weird Tapes). This musical project is mainly aimed at lovers of laid back psychedelic electronica (think Phantogram or Washed Out) who will enjoy its home-made, low-budget feel.

Player Piano is Hawk’s second full length as Memory Tapes, following his acclaimed 2009 debut Seek Magic, recorded in his  home studio in rural New Jersey. Player Piano‘s The album works with sparse and dreamy soundscapes to build handcrafted tales of loneliness and bad romance that draw quiet power from Hawk’s charmingly reedy vocals. The layered synths of songs such as “Today Is Our Life” or “Wait In The Dark” resonate with nostalgia and ache.

Memory Tapes - Wait In The Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)     

The new single “Offers” is another phenomenal example of Hawk’s production skills.

Memory Tapes - Offers     

Player Piano is out via Carpark in the U.S., Something in Construction in Europe, and Inertia in Australia (that’s the disjointed, black-and-white cover art above). Check out Memory Tapes’ official site or Facebook for more info and buy the music on


We Seem To Have Misplaced Our Igloo

Among the multitude of indie electro band these days (think Delphic, Two Door Cinema Club or We Have Band), it’s difficult to make a difference. And yet this is what this young Belgian band is trying to do. We Seem To Have Misplaced Our Igloo consists of Maarten Moens (vocals, guitar, synth), Tom Vandenbogaerde (guitar, percussion, synth), Esli Gaeremijn (drums, percussion) and Kjelle Vergauwe (bass, vocals), four friends who like indie rock band with dancepunk and new wave influences and who have been making music together since late 2007. They received the Cutting Edge award 2009 for “best Myspace Talent”. That same year they released their first EP, Science Will Bring Us Together, which helped them win some local music contests and get a few major gigs.

We Seem To Have Misplaced Our Igloo - Juno     

Early 2011 they released a dual track single “Juno”, in anticipation of their debut album. The title track can currently be download for free in exchange for some Facebook/Twitter love. Find out more HERE and listen to the B-side below…

Vague by We seem to have

Find We Seem To Have Misplaced Our Igloo on MySpace or check out their official site for more info. Buy their debut EP and new single on We seem to have misplaced our igloo


Ou Est Le Swimming Pool are a shiny new electro / nu wave outfit hailing from North London.

Their superb debut “Dance The Way I Feel”, released in November 2009, is a dark electro track with Pet Shop Boys influenced vocals and a catchy as hell bassline that will quite literally drag you onto the dance floor whether you like it or not. You wanna try? Listen to it below…

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel     

After sharing stages with the likes of Sam Sparro, Cypress Hill and La Roux, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool are about to release their highly anticipated new single “These New Knights”. This track, which will soon be available for download, comes with a brilliant remix that you can check out just below.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - These New Knights (Jocks Remix)     

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool started life as a 3 piece when founding member Charles Haddon moved to Camden in 2008 where he met locals Joe Hutchinson and Caan Capan. Within a month of the trio’s paths first crossing, the band was born. Just as they started to make music together, they met production wizard Anders Kallmark who was instantly spellbound and asked if he could come aboard. They have been compared to a British version of Passion Pit, not too bad a band to be compared to…

Get more info on MySpace and buy the band’s music on Ou

TESLA BOY – THE TESLA BOY EP (New Wave/SynthPop – Russia)

Russian trio Tesla Boy are a 80s-esque new wave / synthpop band formed in 2008 in Moscow.  Often compared to Cut/Copy and other electro bands, they are the first Russian act to get real media  attention since t.A.T.u. But the comparison stops there. Anton Sevidov (vocals, keys), Dima Midborn (bass, vocals) and Boris Lifshits (drums) are three dedicated musicians with a mind of their own and a knack for good pop and powerful hooks.

Tesla Boy - Electric Lady     

“Electric Lady” is taken off Tesla Boy’s first self-titled EP, released in September 2009 on Mullet Records. In their EP, the boys show how well they know their classics (think 80’s synth sounds) and offer us a good collection of delightfully retro tracks.

Tesla Boy also did a great job remixing “Nightdrive”, the track that got Anoraak flying the charts last year. Check it out!

Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Tesla Boy Remix)     

For more info find Tesla Boy on MySpace. You can purchase their music on Tesla Boy