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Bay Area rapper Raashan Ahmad dropped his last album, For What You’ve Lost, at the end of last year but it was largely overlooked by mainstream media, which is a real shame considering that this kind jazzy hip-hop album is pretty hard to come by. Rasshan’s flow is as smooth and effortless as ever and there are some solid tracks here, as evidenced by the second single taken from the album “Pain On Black”.

Raashan Ahmad - Pain On Black     

Originally from Pasadena, Raashan Ahmad has been on the grind since his first release as one of the lead M.C.s in the Boston formed group Mission, who released a self titled album in 1999. He’s also the front man for San Francisco live hip-hop group Crown City Rockers who have released two albums so far: Earthtones in 2004 and The Day After Forever in 2009.

In 2008 Ahmad made his solo debut with The Push, thirteen tracks of soulful hip hop featuring production from DJ Vadim, Headnodic (of Crown City Rockers/Mighty Underdogs), Stro the 89th Key (of The Procussions), Descry and more. With his reputation growing, Raashan then released his first solo album The Push which solidified his place as one the most innovative and versatile MC’s to look out for.

Raashan Ahmad - If I     

Now Raashan last album might be his best material to date. For What You’ve Lost is a heavily collaborative musical journey sure to give his fans what they’ve been waiting for. This album is rooted in classic hip hop tradition as well as jazz, soul and funk while continuing to push musical boundaries. Guest appearances ranging from new soul heroes like Aloe Blacc and Noelle Scaggs to hip hop veterans like Gift of Gab and Count Bass D make this album diverse and colourful. This new album truly shows Raashan’s evolution and growth.

For more info, check out Raashan Ahmad’s official site, blog or MySpace. Buy his music on Raashan Ahmad


Chlorine Free

First heard on Rubin Steiner’s compilations, French collective Chlorine Free breathe new life into Jazz Fusion. With their creative mix of Jazz, Funk and elements of electronica, they could really be onto something.

Inspired by classics of Jazz music but also by a myriad other genres, the seven artists who make up the combo’s current line-up are as comfortable in the studio as they are on stage, jamming and experimenting. When performing live, Chlorine Free is a feast for the ears and for the eye: with two keyboardists (Rhodes and Clavinet), drum-bass, trombone, flute and a live DJ, this is hardly a common line-up. Together they  create some powerful grooves and deconstruct the norms of Jazz, Funk, Electro, and everything in between.

No wonder highly-respected hip hop artist Raashan Ahmad happily accepted their invitation to be featured on Start Fresh, the band’s debut EP, released last May on DuNose Records. The SF-based rapper/poet contributes vocals to Chlorine Free’s highly addictive funky number “D’fish”, which is already getting some serious airplay on French avant-guarde Radio Nova.

Chlorine Free – D’fish (feat. Raashan Ahmad)

If you’re interested in listening to more tunes by Chlorine Free, visit the band’s official MySpace. You can purchase Start Fresh on Start Fresh Maxi - EP - Chlorine Free