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Paris-based pop band Mondrian comprises vocalist Roman Oswald, guitarist Marc Mifune (aka Morning Crash), keyboardist Demoiselle and drummer Cyrille Fournel. Since their formation in 2007, the quartet has released a handful of catchy albums, sharing their common love for bright singalong poppy tunes.

Mondrian - A Kiss A Day     

With their latest release, Tea Boy, Dry Biscuits & Roller Disco Beat, they depart from their customary low-key 60s-70s surf rock to wander into a more electronic landscape, with hints of synth and electropop. “5250’d” is a good example of this new stylistic orientation. It’s jagged and robotic and yet addictive as hell and irresistibly poppy!

Mondrian - 5150'd     

Find Mondrian on Facebook or Tumblr and buy their music exclusively on BandCamp.

COEUR DE PIRATE – BLONDE (Retro/Pop – Canada)

Coeur de Pirate

Canadian singer/pianist Béatrice Martin, better known as Coeur de Pirate, released her much-anticipated sophomore release, Blonde, on November 8th via Grosse Boite Records. This new record is bouncier and more upbeat than the young chanteuse’s previous effort, giving plenty of room for seeping strings arrangements and jazzy big band elements. The first single is the lively retro pop number “Adieu”, which you can sample below.

Coeur de Pirate - Adieu     

If you dig this sound, check out Coeur de Pirate’s collaborations with Peter Peter and Bedouin Soundclash and listen to her heartfelt cover of The Weeknd’s song “Wicked Games”, recorded in her home studio a couple of months ago.

Coeur de Pirate - Wicked Games (The Weeknd Cover)     

For more info, find Coeur de Pirate on Facebook or check out her official site. Buy the album on BandCamp or

THE SWISS – DOUBLE OR NOTHING (Disco/Electro – Australia)

Australian trio The Swiss have been distilling disco flavoured beats and old-school sounds since 2007, slowly establishing themselves as a legit live disco act amongst the unsurmontable crowd of pretenders. Signed to Modular Recordings in 2010, The Swiss joined the ranks of artists such as Cut/Copy and The Presets.

Mixing crisp and snappy drums with lazer-sludge bass, the trio’s new single “Double Or Nothing” was released at the end of September via Modular. Featuring remixes by Louis La Roche and Renaissance Man, as well as another original, “Womanthem”, and its remixed version by Headman, this six-track EP is a catchy and upbeat electro disco affair. To show how cool they are, The Swiss are generously giving away Louis La Roche’s brilliant remix.

The Swiss - Double or Nothing (Louis La Roche Remix)     

As a bonus, here is a remix The Swiss did for Norwegian electropop royalty Annie. Their refreshingly different, and shamelessly glittery, take on her 2009 single “Songs Remind Me Of You” is a little disco bomb for your Hi-Fi.

Annie - Songs Remind Me of You (The Swiss Remix)     

To celebrate the release of their new single, The Swiss just started a two-month tour around the planet, stopping in at Copenhagen, Vienna, Stockholm and several other locations in between. If you want to find out more about The Swiss, check out their page on MySpace. And don’t forget that you can buy their music on The Swiss


The Off Key Hat is Darren Morris and Leon Mayes. Darren has been working with the likes of Tim Goldsworthy (DFA), Ashley Beedle, David Holmes and Jagz Kooner (to name but a few), Leon does nothing but Dig. Darren and Leon hooked up a few years ago almost by chance during some down time in Brighton.

The Off Key Hat - Emergency Calling     

The Off Key Hat have released four vinyls on hot UK label Dissident since the beginning of their collaboration in 2008. Their first release, “Emergency Calling”, hit the stores two years ago but it hasn’t aged a bit. The track is a futuristic disco piece that sounds as timeless as can possibly be. Its grinding beat, slow-paced synths and soft vocals by Michelle Manetti work their magic on the listener, taking him back to the 70s on a delightful musical journey. “Emergency Caling” is sexy and seductive and it’s the perfect song for a lazy sunday afternoon. Check it out!

More Off Key Hat music and news on MySpace. Buy on The Off Key Hat

TELEFON BOYS – GET UP GET UP (Italo/Disco/Electro – Italy)

Telefon Boys - Get Up Get Up     

Telefon Boys‘s track “Get Up Get Up” was released in 1985 on Thick Records but this timeless italo disco gem feels utterly timeless.

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