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Madrid-based four-piece HATEM (aka Hola A Todo El Mundo) recently unveiled their new song “They Won’t Let Me Grow” on SoundCloud. This synth-laden new tune is a fairly drastic departure from their previous material, which gently oscillated between indie and folk, but it does retain the band’s remarkable pop sensibilities. “They Won’t Let Me Grow” is out now via Mushroom Pillow (also home to such acts as Cut Your Hair, Delorean and La Habitación Roja)

The song is taken off Ultraviolet Catastrophe, the band’s sophomore album, released in Spain last October and internationally in early 2013. The album’s ten cuts were inspired by late poet Roy Tiger Milton’s lengthy poem of the same title, which explored the mysterious qualities of human existence that fall outside the realm of perceived everyday reality.

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ANNI B SWEET – AT HOME (Folk/Indie – Spain)

Anni B Sweet

Malaga-born singer-songwriter Anni B Sweet is one of the most promising Spanish newcomers of the last few years. After releasing her debut album Start, Restart, Undo in 2009 on indie label Subterfuge Records and conquering the hearts of thousands of fans in Spain (her debut went gold in just a few months), Anni is ready to share her very personal blend of indie folk with the rest of Europe.

Her new single “At Home” was released last month in Spain to rave reviews and Anni B Sweet is now unveiling her sophomore album, Oh, Monsters, out worldwide on April 24th. Somewhat reminiscent of Keren Ann‘s lyrical musings or Beach House‘s retro aesthetics, Anni wraps her raw emotions in a layer of earnest folk music, with just a few hints of dream-pop here and there to sweeten the mix.

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Cut Your Hair

Barcelona-based indie pop trio Cut Your Hair have only released three songs so far but they are fast becoming one of the hottest new bands on the national scene. Awash with summery dream pop and glorious harmonies, their debut EP Utah in Pictures evokes beach parties until dawn and the tickle of sand between your toes.

On their EP, Cut Your Hair explore a musical territory halfway between post-punk and sun-kissed Californian pop. Having shared stage with We Are Standard, Jessica 6 and The Rapture, Sergio, Alex and Ed (who’s originally from Brighton) reach out to audiences of all kinds with innate exuberance and brazen indie euphoria.

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Crystal Fighters

English/Spanish electrorock outfit Crystal Fighters recently released their last single, “Champion Sound”, taken off  the band’s debut album Star of Love. Influenced by a multitude of different musical genres, their sound is a fusion of fast progressive dance music, traditional Basque folk, synthesisers and heavy beats fuelled by early 80s Spanish punk. Case in point: “Champion Sound” seamlessly integrates syncopated tribal drums, layered vocals and a riff lifted from the Basque folk piece “Sagar Dantza”.

Beside the original song and an acoustic version, the Champion Sound EP includes stellar remixes from Mr Nô, Mustang, AKS, Homework, Steep, Psychemagik, Regal Safari, Clubfeet, Gongon and Outboxx. Check out Regal Safari’s laid back ambient mix and Steep’s dancier electro reinterpretation just below and stream the other remixes on SoundCloud!

Crystal Fighters - Champion Sound (Regal Safari Remix)     
Crystal Fighters - Champion Sound (Steep Remix)     

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NAJWA – REMIXES (Electronica/Alternative – Spain)


Spanish actress-turned-singer Najwa Nimri made her solo debut ten years ago with the critically-acclaimed LP Carefully. Written entirely in English, the album bore the imprint of her previous collaboration with Madrid based producer Carlos Jean, with whom she released an album and two soundtracks.

After this first efftort, Najwa worked with different artists and producers (Raúl Santos, Eduardo Molinero, Wagon Cookin’) and explored different ways of making music. She somehow managed to find her own sound, highly personal and quite unique in the Spanish music industry. The results of Najwa’s artistic musings you can hear in her subsequent albums: Mayday (2003) and Walkabout (2006).

Najwa - Following Dolphins (Dolphins Classic House Remix)     

Najwa - Hey Boys     

Finally, in 2010, Najwa released El Último Primate, her first Spanish-language album and also a drastic change musically. Indeed, it left behind electronic sounds and showcased a radically different sonic landscape, more intimate and organic than ever before.

Najwa Nimri - Como Un Animal (KINZOisHERE Remix)     

It’s been a busy ten years for Najwa: four solo LPs, a few brilliant collaborations, numerous gigs and some superb remixes! Listen to our selection and tell us what you think…

Check out Najwa’s official website for more info and buy her music on Najwa