ЕЛЕНА ТЕМНИКОВА – ПОД ЛУНОЙ (Electro/House – Russia)

Russian singer/songwriter Elena Temnikova (Елена Темникова) shared an exciting new track just over a month ago. Written and co-produced by Temnikova herself, ‘Под Луной’ features very forward-looking arrangements inspired by deep house, with smooth beats and catchy pop vocals.

Temnikova came to prominence as one of the three members of Russian pop outfit Serebro, which represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 and rapidly became one of the most successful girl bands in Russia. In 2014 Temnikova to start a solo career and between 2016 and 2017 she released three EPs (TEMNIKOVA I, TEMNIKOVA II and TEMNIKOVA III – НЕ МОДНЫЕ) which set the tone for her new sound, combining vigorous dance, introspective deep house and a touch of urban beats.

Find more music on Elena Temnikova’s official site or follow her on Facebook. Listen to more music on SoundCloud and buy on

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