saturday nite with… HAR MAR SUPERSTAR + MIKRODAT

Sean Matthew Tillmann, better known by his stage names of Har Mar Superstar, is an American singer who has has quite a few projects under his belt (Calvin Krime & Sean Na Na for example). Sean Tillmann is known in the UK indie rock/dance scene for his R’n’B tracks released as Har Mar Superstar. Har Mar Superstar is a persona that bears similarities to porn star Ron Jeremy: he is chubby (though he has slimmed down considerably as his stage shows and frequent touring have become more physically demanding), he often performs his shows nearly nude, and appears obsessed with his own sexual prowess.

Har Mar Superstar - Tall Boy (Mikrodat Remix)     

Mikrodat is a music producer from Liverpool, England. His sound is a beat driven mutant electro experience. He is currently working on his debut album From the mountains. He has remixed artists such as Delphic or Dragonette. You can find out more info and listen to his remixes on MySpace.

As a bonus, here’s another remix of “Tall Boy” for your listening pleasure..

Har Mar Superstar - Tall Boy (Manny Heatherly Remix)     

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