Australian producer/singer/songwriter Harry Nathan is back this week with a slow-burning funky treat called ‘Sweet Release’, which is the first single from his new lo-fi house project. This new tune sees a fluid connection between soulful lyricism and a classic house influence, which can be traced right back to Harry Nathan’s deep rooted passion for and knowledge of virtually every genre of electronic music.

Nathan explains: “I loved house music growing up and have always been a fan of soul and disco. When I was 14, I wanted to mix like Roger Sanchez but couldn’t afford DJ gear, so I cross-wired three stereos to practise mixing. If I needed to slow one down, I would press pause twice really quickly.” 

“When I got a regular gig as a wedding DJ, I was stoked just to use better gear and change the pitch. We had a little wedding consortium with some DJ friends from high school, but we were all really crazy about old-school house. When the bride and groom left, our friends would come and drink the leftover wedding booze whilst we went back to back mixing house classics.”

Through a colourful soundscape with restrained keys carrying the march at first, ‘Sweet Release’ takes influence from the likes of Disclosure and Hayden James with the use of brooding synth bass, enticing altered vocals and eclectic percussion that together transfers an insatiable groove throughout the piece.

Find Harry Nathan on Facebook or listen to more tracks on SoundCloud.

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