JUPITER – KASS LIMON (Disco/Pop – France)

After revisiting Japan a few months ago with their discolicious Saké EP (and the already-classic Saké dance), French electro pop duo Jupiter is ready to make you discover a completely different universe with their new single “Kass Limon”, released on July 19th on oh-so-chic Parisian label Kitsuné!

Based on a summer hit by legendary Caribbean band Kassav, the song will surprise you in more ways than one. First and foremost, because seeing the names of trendy electro duo Jupiter and 80s zouk legends Kassav on the same CD sleeve was all but predictable! However, age gap and musical background aside, the collaboration makes complete sense when you know about Jupiter’s inborn passion for retro hits and everything that’s shiny and glittery!

Amélie and Quarles, Jupiter’s creative core, took the beat of Kassav’s classic zook song “Lagué Moin”, they added some of their trademark synths, a touch of nu-disco and sampled vocals from the original track to come up with a true dancefloor anthem!

So if you want some punchy nu-disco flavoured pop, “Kass Limon” is just what you need. Now, get ready to dance to Jupiter’s most bouncy and summery hit to date!

Jupiter vs Kassav – Kass Limon

Show Jupiter some love on MySpace and check out their previous singles, all neon and disco lights, HERE, HERE and HERE. Buy their new single on Kitsuné: Kass Limon - Single - Jupiter & Kassav

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