PARCELS – DEBUT ALBUM (Indie/Pop – Australia)

Australian funk-pop band Parcels is Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain, Noah Hill, Anatole Serret and Jules Crommelin, five passionate musicians whose interests cover innumerable genres ranging from folk pop to disco-funk and psych rock. The five piece formed in 2014 during their final year of high school and recorded their first self-produced EP to rave reviews at home and in Europe. Shortly after their first release, Parcels left Australia for Berlin and were subsequently signed to hip Parisian label Kitsuné.

Ambitious, infectious, and appearing as if beamed from another planet, Parcels’ debut album is the brainchild of five inseparable friends, barely in their twenties, who are a band in the older sense of the word. With a maniacal taste for perfection when it comes to production, composition and arrangement, Parcels have 12 musical doses of bright pop music that will bring a well-deserved ray of sunshine when the weather’s cold.

As a bonus track, here’s a dance floor worthy remix of Parcels’ 2015 debut single ‘Herefore’ by Finnish producer Roisto. Enjoy!

Listen to more music on Parcels’ SoundCloud and like them on Facebook for more info and updates.

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