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EBERG – ANTIDOTE (Indie/Electronica/Pop – Iceland)

Eberg is a young Icelandic musician who made his debut in 2003. With his electronica-meets-indie rock sound, Eberg quickly made a name for himself.

His first album, Plastic Lion, was originally a limited edition Iceland-only release, with 50 CDs packaged in handmade wooden cases. The profits raised from the sale of these 50 first exclusive copies allowed the band to make more CDs, with a more conventional packaging this time. Plastic Lion was then distributed by Bad Taste in Iceland by Rotator in the UK the next year.

Eberg’s second album, Voff Voff, followed in the footsteps of his debut, still mixing electronic arrangements, traditional instruments and samples. The album got rave reviews among critics and bloggers and some of the singles  (most notably “Inside Your Head”) became hits in the UK, getting airplay on UK hit-maker radio BBC Radio 1.

Eberg - Inside Your Head     

On his third album, Antidote, Eberg manages to create a perfect balance of moods and styles. On this largely varied album, he flirts with indie rock, brings in hints of trip-hop and embraces dreampop. Poignant and quirky, his songs are at times nostalgic, at times hopeful, but always earnest.  There are more fuzzed-up guitars this time around but there is still a fair amount of experimentation with textures and sounds. Sharp and concise, and always recognizably Eberg, Antidote is what critics were expecting from Eberg and he has delivered.

Eberg - Antidote     

If you want to find out more about Eberg or sample some of his new songs, visit his page on MySpace and check out his newly released video for “The Right Thing To Do”. Please show your support and buy his music on Eberg

SUNBIRDS – RIVER RUN (Alternative/Pop/Rock – UK)

Sunbirds are much more than just another indie rock band! With members hailing from London, Los Angeles and France, they have developed a rare sense of sonic eclecticism that directly results from the combination of their culturally diverse backgrounds .

United through their love of music, the four piece found a new home in London, where they are now based. Together they make very catchy, melodic pop/rock with a nice twist of psychedelia, sometimes reminiscent of US indie sensation Yeasayer or Australian underground mainstay Lost Valentinos

Sunbirds - Sunshine     

Sunbirds relish the classics of rock music and psychedelia so it’s only natural that their sound should be influenced by the music of their forefathers. Through experimentation and endless hours of work in the studio, they have managed to create a sound that is both deeply rooted in the past and looking straight to the future, making it utterly timeless.

Sunbirds’ brilliant debut EP, River Run, will be out digitally on July 19 2010. It will be available worldwide through Smoky Carrot but if you can’t wait, you can listen to it in streaming HERE.

In the meantime, you can get a free download of the single “Sunshine” on Sunbirds’ official website and show the boys some love on MySpace.

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KASPER BJORKE – YOUNG AGAIN (Electro/Club – Denmark)

Kasper Bjorke

Danish electro DJ and producer Kasper Bjørke comes from the heart of the thriving Copenhagen electronic scene. He started spinning records in Denmark in the 90s and is well known for his banging DJ-sets, in which he draws from genres ranging from disco, electro, rock to techno and minimal. He is also one half of electro duo Filur with Tomas Barfod (aka Tomboy, also a part of WhoMadeWho).

In 2007 Kasper signed to NYC-based indie/dance label Plant Music and released his solo debut In Gumbo. Featuring collaborations with musicians and singers such as Liquid Liquid’s Dennis Young, New York angelic sisters The Pierces, Icelanders FM Belfast and Gus Gus singer Blake (aka Magnús Jónsson), the album was endorsed by DJs ranging from Laurent Garnier and Brodinsky to Stretch Armstrong.

Kasper Bjorke - Doesn’t Matter (Remix)     

His second album Standing On Top of Utopia was released in February 2010 and instantly became a hit with the international press. Dazed & Confused, Nylon Magazine, Time Out NYC, Dj Mag as well as numerous blogs were full of praises. The album has spawned three singles so far (“Young Again”, “Alcatraz” and “Efficient Machine”) and remixes by some really big names in the electro music industry: Trentemøller, Zombie Disco Squad, Matías Aguayo, The Juan MacLean, WhoMadeWho, Serge Santiago…

Kasper Bjorke - Young Again (Serge Santiago Italo Boot Remix)     

Kasper Bjorke - Young Again (Whomadewho & Tomboy Remix)     

The brilliant first single, “Young Again”, was released at the end of 2009, ahead of new album’s international release. Featuring stunning vocals by Danish indie singer Jacob Bellens, “Young Again” came with a beautiful video that you can watch HERE.

For more info and updates, pay Kasper a visit on MySpace and if you like his music, go buy it on Kasper Bjørke

CHIEF – MODERN RITUALS (Indie/Alternative/Rock – US)

Though its members were all born and raised in Santa Monica, Chief was actually born on the East Coast. It was in New York, while studying at NYU, that Evan Koga and brothers Danny and Michael Fujikawa started their musical collaboration. They took their songs to the stages of many clubs around town and found their sound, a thoughtfully melodic indie rock sound, sometimes reminiscent of acts such as Local Natives, The Shins or Half Cousin.

With the addition of a fourth member, Mike Moonves, the quartet, now based in LA, signed to Domino Records last year. They  released their debut 7” on Domino back in November. The blues-tinted title track is built around solid guitars and a massive chorus.

Chief – Mighty Proud     

Just after releasing “Mighty Proud”, they started recording songs for their album with the help of New York based producer Emery Dobyns in the studio. Their goal was clear: to create a rock record free of gimmicks and fences, a fresh look at classic sounds fitting of its title. Based on strong melodies and vocal harmonies, their songs look into their common experience of traveling from coast to coast. It’s a travelers record that captures the soundscapes of both West and East coast, with one central element: the ocean!

Chief – Night & Day     

Domino Records has been giving away for free the first single, “Night & Day”. The album will be released on August 17. In the meantime, you can find out more about Chief on MySpace and buy their music on Chief

IS TROPICAL – WHAT? (Indie/Rock/Electro – UK)

Get ready for Is Tropical! This London-based 3-piece is slowly but surely making a name for itself and 2010 is proving to be a pretty good year for them.

They have been releasing demos that have gotten them a fair amount of MySpace love and blog coverage. So much so that they recently embarked on a tour sharing bill with Good Shoes and The Big Pink and they were invited by hip French label Kitsuné to perform in Paris tonight!

Is Tropical – What? (demo)     

Their newest song, “What?”, was recently released on MySpace as a demo (hence the poor quality, sorry!). It seems the trio is exploring new directions with this track while still remaining true to their sound. Is Tropical’s music stands somewhere between The Strokes, Ratatat and Friendly Fires, a mix of genres that has been described by some as a “beautifully coherent chaos.” Listen to one of their previous tracks, “The Greeks”, just below…

Is Tropical - The Greeks     

Is Tropical’s credentials also include remixes for a wide range of bands, such as Crystal Fighters, Little Dragon, NewIslands and Two Door Cinema Club… Smooth beats, slick guitars and shiny synths are part of the recipe. Keep these remixes coming guys!

Two Door Cinema Club - Come Back Home (Is Tropical Remix)     

NewIslands - Out Of Time (Is Tropical Remix)     

Is Tropical are currently on the road, bringing their awesome sound to lots of venues around Europe, and they’ll be hitting some major festivals over the summer. Be sure to check out their page on MySpace for more info and tour dates. You can also buy their single “When O’ When” on Is Tropical