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MOVEMENT – LACE (Downtempo – Australia)


Sydney’s minimal electro outfit Movement has just shared a demo of one of the songs they worked on for their first record. Listen below!

Movement - Lace     

Movement was formed in 2011, consisting of Sean Walker (percussion and production), Jesse James Ward (bass and vocals) and Lewis Wade (vocals and keys). Their music has been called “minimal soul,” as well as “psychedelic” and “body music.” The songs have elements of R&B, ambient, soul and pop music. Movement’s debut self-titled four-track EP was released in May 2014, featuring additional production and mixing from Illangelo (The Weeknd) and their first full length is expected in early 2016.

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SWIM – NEXT TO ME (Lounge/ Electro – Sweden)


Swedish duo Swim recently shared their debut single “Next To Me” – a warm soundscape dashed with Swedish melancholy. Frontwoman Erika’s heavy-hearted vocals are set against a strumming bass enriched by playful melodic synths and glitchy beats. The duo’s brand of disjointed, swaying electronic pop instantly stands out.

Erika and Carl have conspired to create music for late evenings, precious moments of solitude, drives along the seaside and the last throbbing hour on the dance floor. Swim’s dreamy sound has been given new dimensions by Swedish radio veterans Boeoes Kaelstigen, whose mix of minimal trance and melodic techno adds darker layers to the original. By bringing the original track up to DJ-friendly 109 BPM and adding club friendly percussions and hypnotic synthesizers they have taken the song to new heights.

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Jerome LOL

Los Angeles native Jerome Potter, better known by the artist name Jerome LOL, has been active since the early 2000s through different collaborations (LOL Boys, DJ Dodger Stadium), a label he created with Sam Griesemer aka Samo Sound Boy and his solo work. Released in 2014 on Friends of Friends, the Deleted / Fool EP includes four originals and features vocals from Sara Z and Angelina Lucero.

While it is clearly less dance based than Jerome LOL’s previous work, the EP retains the same electro sensibilities and manages to strike a balance between downtempo sophistication and raw dance vibes.

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Up and coming LA-based producer/DJ Tarek Nasr is the man under the moniker of Parcel. He has been producing and performing electronic music with numerous musical projects over the past 8 years and he is now ready to share his first solo EP as Parcel. Always Mine includes 2 original tracks and it is out now on Loco Records.

Both “Beginnings To An End”, which features guest vocals by Monica Khan, and “Always Mine” are amazingly produced and should work wonders on the dance floor of a packed club. Nasr delivers sharp beats laced with vocal cuts that add extra appeal to his already pretty addictive genre-bending productions.

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saturday nite with… CHRISTIAN LÖFFLER

When asked to describe his music, German beatmaker Christian Löffler explains that it’s a subtle mix of melancholy and euphoria, “connected by a gloomy spirit, which is minted by a warm sincerity”. Löffler recorded his debut album, A Forest, while living in a small house in the woods near Usedom, in Northern Germany, and you can really feel the closeness to nature. Sounds of leaves and breaking waves surface through layers of polished beats, creating an intimate and mysterious atmosphere.

A very new aspect in Christian’s work on this album is the use of vocals. In the track “Feelharmonia” Christian collaborates with the Danish musician Gry Bagøien and creates a hypnotic track in which the vocals slowly develop into really sung words.

On “Eleven” he works with Mohna, singer of Hamburg based band Me Succeeds, and uses her fragile voice throughout a whole track.

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