TWO LANES – REFLECTIONS EP (Electronica/IDM – Germany)

Berlin-based siblings Leo and Rafa Schmid are Two Lanes, a chilltronica duo who joined San Holo’s bitbird imprint in 2020 and recently shared their sophomore EP Reflections. Clocking in at just under 27 minutes, the 7-track record is a continuation of their previous EP Lights, showcasing a clear tie between the two.

The EP’s lead single, “Reflections,” reveals the perfect symbiosis between the siblings’ very different influences and background. While Rafa is a classically trained pianist who studied at Julliard, Leo leans more towards electronica and is an experienced producer. With “Reflections”, they continue to push the envelope and explore the world of piano-driven electronica with a blend of organic elements, analog synths and melodic bass.

“We really got into a deeper level on the production for this EP. We brought this weird piano into the studio during the lockdown and had a lot of time to really work on sounds and integrate the piano more into the tracks. We used the time in lockdown to really develop the studio and work with modular gear and synthesizers which had a great impact on the music you’ll hear.” 

The EP also includes guests features by LA-based songwriter Kwesi and Australia’s own Panama. Listen to their collab with Panama below!

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