AM & Shawn Lee is a collaboration between LA-based indie-pop auteur AM and London-based groovemaster Lee, who pooled their talents to create a unique brand of jazzy electrofunk. For their debut album, Celestial Electric, AM and Lee worked from their respective hometowns, trading ideas and tracks via email. Combining a broad array of influences, their heartfelt, warmly melodic soundscapes underline the artists’ love of vintage genres, encompassing soul, funk, jazz, Brazilian tropicalia and more.

The pair are currently putting the finishing touches on their new album, which should hit the stores before summer.To help fund the project, they are asking their fans to pitch in by pre-order the album on It goes without saying that all “pledgers” will exclusive perks and receive the album before everyone else… For the time being, why don’t you check out a couple of cool remixes from the duo’s debut?

AM & Shawn Lee - Somebody Like You (Fort Knox Five Remix)     

AM & Shawn Lee - Promises Are Never Far From Lies (Rob Garza Remix)     

Connect with AM & Shawn Lee on Facebook or check out their official site. Buy their music on BandCamp or AM & Shawn Lee

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