London duo Bamboo Smoke reveal haunting new single ‘To The Waves’, taken from their debut EP Two Human (released in March). With this soul-infused tune the pair conjure up dreamy pictures of smoky concert halls and underground clubs. Vocalist Lou’s soulful and heartfelt vocals shine over multi-instrumentalist Tom’s skilful arrangements. ‘To the Waves’ manages to perfectly blend the playful with the shadows, capturing fragments of dreams.

Bamboo Smoke are lyricist and vocalist Lou and instrumentalist and producer Tom. A chance meeting on a rooftop sparked their collaboration and, after putting a few instrumentals together, they soon found they both liked things fairly loose and unpolished, imperfections and all. This is the sound they aim to create with Bamboo Smoke.

Check out Bamboo Smoke’s official site or Facebook and listen to more music on SoundCloud. Buy on

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