BENJI LEWIS – AWAY (Dance/EDM – Australia)

Back in May Melbourne singer-songwriter Benji Lewis treated his fans to the bright and summery sounds of ‘Away’ Benji Lewis, and now he returns with two very special remixes of that song courtesy of German brothers TWOLANES and US producer SPIRIX.

The original song saw Benji Lewis team up with long-time collaborator Golden Vessel whilst away in the US for his debut appearance at SXSW in 2018. With a blend of intricate percussion and upbeat melodies, ‘Away’ showcases the various shades of Benji’s vocal range.

About the remix TWO LANES say: “We made this remix while being on the road. It’s always refreshing to make music in a new environment because music affects you differently if you’re not at home. We love the colour of Benji’s voice and had a lot of fun making our own version of the song.”

More info and music on SoundCloud or Facebook.

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