BOY – MUTUAL FRIENDS (Folk/Pop – Germany)

Valeska Steiner, born in Zürich, and Sonja Glass from Hamburg are the two girls behind oddly-named duo BOY. With influences ranging from the emotional indie sound of Bon Iver to the poppy liveliness of Feist, they make quirky pop songs sprinkled with folk arrangements and just a hint of melancholy. Their debut single “Little Numbers” was released last year in Germany and became an instant hit on the intewebs (over 5 million views on YouTube)

Steiner and Glass are now ready to share their first full-length Mutual Friends. Recorded over the past two years in Berlin, the album features Philipp Steinke on production and Thomas Hedlund on drums (best known for his live performances with Phoenix). Note that all other instruments are performed by the girls themselves!

BOY - This Is The Beginning     

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