CEO – WHITE MAGIC (Electronica/Balearic – Sweden)

Back in April, the first ceo video, simply titled “Prologue”, was launched on the internet. No one knew who or what ceo was and the blogosphere promptly started buzzing with rumors and stories. It was later established that ceo was a new solo project by Swedish artist Eric Berglund, one half of The Tough Alliance.

ceo’s music is generally upbeat, with good beats (live drums or very well programmed beats) and a clear 80s vibe. Each track is put together carefully, with melody and rhythm coming together in an overwhelming climax of sensory pleasure. Berglund and label mate Kendal Johansson played every instrument on the album, and there are a lot of them. From strings to keyboards to Japanese swords to vocal samples to tropical drums, ceo spares no effort to build this grandiose musical monument.

Ceo - Come With Me     

The overall mood is definitely upbeat but, under the surface, there is always an emotional tension and a lingering sense of nostalgia. In the midst of the sometimes overwhelming orchestration, Berglund’s plaintive voice, laced with melancholy, is like a guide taking us on this journey. It’s easy to connect with the emotional side of the album since everyone can identify with Berglund’s struggle to smile in the face of a less than perfect world.

At only 28 minutes, White Magic is a short album but it really hits the spot. Every track has its purpose and all the pieces fit together. So enjoy the ride and lose yourself in the music…

The album is now available worldwide on Berglund’s own label Sincerely Yours and you can buy it on White

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