COYOTE – TOO HARD (Electronica/Balearic – UK)

Coyote is a British duo comprised of Timm Sure and Ampo. Together they have been making sun-soaked downtempo electronica with Balearic and disco influences for the past decade. They are widely considered one of the main players in the Nu Balearic scene (think Aeroplane, Ceo, NUfrequency…) and release their music on their own label Is It Balearic.

Coyote - Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix)     

As a bonus, here’s a dazzling remix they did of International Peoples Gang’s “Second”. Isn’t it just what you need to have on your playlist for a perfect sunday evening? Waves of synths and cascading pianos? Yeah, I thought so too…

International Peoples Gang - Second (Coyote Remix)     

Find Coyote on MySpace and buy their EPs on Coyote

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