GUSH – EVERYBODY’S GOD (Indie/Rock – France)

With Gush, it all stays in the family! Brothers Xavier and Vincent Polycarpe and their cousins Yan Gorozetsky and Mathieu Parnaud are the four members of this young indie rock band. As teenagers, they shared the same vinyls and cultivated their love of rock’n’roll and solid vocal harmonies listening to The Beatles or Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Singing together was never a choice but more like a second nature and this is the first thing that comes out upon hearing their debut album Everybody’s God. Their four voices perfectly complement one another on the more acoustic tracks and sound great when intertwined with guitars and drums.

Gush - Jeg Digger Deg     

The Parisian four piece play an energetic brand of 70s tinged rock that incorporates elements of pop and folk. There is no doubt that they are brilliant musicians (all of them play various instruments by the way) and, more often than not, they manage to create almost flawless pop songs, but Everybody’s God sometimes feels scattered and unfocused. As a whole, the album is a nice listen but it seems a little bit impersonal. Gush is still a young bad though, so it’s only natural for them to still be looking for their own style. Judging from their debut album, they seem to be on the right track!

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