JAI PICCONE – MOVER EP (House/Balearic – Australia)

Hailing from the Australian east coast, rising artist Jai Piccone steps out for his first solo release. Having already built an international following with 4-piece band Tora, Jai creates a space of his own with his debut EP Mover.The lead track from the EP is ‘Care’, a deep and gently melancholic house track that features layered ambient sounds collected from India, Vanuatu and Japan, deft percussion programming and sweeping synth chords and vocals from himself, Tobias Tunis and Keelan Mak.

After months of gradual work, refining and revisiting ideas, sounds began to solidify to form a release. ‘Racer’ and ‘Never Let U Down’ feature driving beats and smooth transitions, showing Jai’s desire to create music that’s more functional for the dancefloor, while still continuing to build on the Tora project.

Find more info on Facebook and more music on SoundCloud. Buy the EP now on Bandcamp or

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