LANKS – REAR VIEW (Electronica/IDM – Australia)

Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Will Cuming, aka LANKS, moved to NYC just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit and that complicated context made it really hard to connect with new people and artists. What with lockdowns, travel bans, restrictions, closed music venues…

Despite all these obstacles, Korea-born, NYC-based choreographer Bo Park found Cuming’s work online and somehow found a way to connect with LANKS through a choreography she created and posted online based on the song ‘Wept’ taken from 2018’s Inoue EP.

Fast forward to July 2021 and here comes a brand new collaboration in the form of a gorgeous video for the new song ‘Rearview’. The choreography was created by Bo Park and the video, which features dancers Dan Santiago, Ashley Bland, Julia Alaimo, Alexis Tillman and Christine Flores, was directed by Aidan Gibney created. Watch it below!

Check out LANKS’s official website or follow him on Facebook and listen to more tunes on SoundCloud.

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