PABLO NOUVELLE – OBSOLETE (Electronica/IDM – Switzerland)

Few artists have a creative output as consistent and free-flowing as Swiss DJ, producer and filmmaker Pablo Nouvelle, and his latest release Obsolete highlights that gift of his. Even though the Swiss musician released a mini album called Atlas Internet Café back in December 2019, that didn’t stop him bringing another collection of magical tracks into existence only four months later.

Classified by its creator as a mix of melancholic pop, modern soul, electronica, and essentially just good music to dance and dream to, this seven piece album brings together the colourful and warm, as well as the dirty and playful. Suitable for all kinds of listening sessions, ‘Obsolete’ consistently flirts with the idea of escaping to outer space, and that’s exactly what draws listeners in.

Connect with Pablo Nouvelle on his official site or Facebook and listen to more tracks on SoundCloud.

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